Happy New Year! 😀 For this occasion, we have a super long chapter! Also because I got lazy and nothing is in sequence so hundreds of things happen at once. Yay for disorganization!



Fall has come around! Virgil and Whit are having a race to see who can make the biggest pile.

Virgil won D: Read More

Hey guys! 😀 This is the last chapter until our next heir takes over! This generation felt way too long…

And I got Seasons! AHHHHHHHHH!! X) It’s so much fun. The different seasons are soo refreshing. It’s too bad that most of the festivities only happen around Fall and Winter. Season’s won’t be showing up in the pictures until later.




Vlad and Vavony graduated immediately after their birthdays. Read More

Hey everyone! 😀

Still no luck on the new laptop that can play Sims. Good news though—I got a 4.1 last quarter, which means my parents promise to get me an alienware! 😀 I’m hoping they’ll get it on Black Friday or for my Christmas gift. Either is fine with me. No Seasons or Supernatural tho D:

And good news! This update is brought to you by Nraas Porter, who moved the Rolex’s to Starlight Shores on a completely vanilla game. It’s playable now on every lowest setting possible, but it’ll just be a little less exciting.


I couldn’t fit a 60×60 lot anywhere, so I had to go with the second largest. Vlad and his dad lost their custom hairs, and Ulmanac needs to be aged up again.

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Hey guys! I’m SO SO SORRY for the lack of updates. If I haven’t already said it, my computer is crap. I can’t even OPEN…okay, I can OPEN the Rolex file, but it’s frozen. Press play, it crashes. These pictures have been sitting for a few months now waiting for publication, and I figured, why not get these out of the way?

Last time:: Heck, even I can’t remember! D: Vavony grew to a child, was sent off to boarding school, Vlad and Vavony grew into teens, Ulmanac was born and aged to a toddler, Digger #2 died, and now…I think that’s it.

BY THE WAY, We are on GENERATION 2, WHITLEA ROLEX is HEIR, and she has 3 children, TEENS Vlad and Vavony (a clone of Whitlea), and a toddler named ULMANAC.



The ‘rents went out for a shady free vacation. Now Vlad and Vavony get to learn what its like to be their parents, taking care of Ulmanac and leaving their laundry everywhere so I have to pick it up…

Vlad: Cleaning mom’s horse isn’t so bad! Heh…EWW A FLY FLEW IN MY NOSE.

Volvo: >.> Read More

October 2nd, 2012.

I am a Senior in high school now, and presently, it has been cushy. Excluding AP Statistics, of course. I really regret signing up for that course. Recently, as in FRIDAY, there was an announcement for this year’s Swim Team interest meeting for TOMORROW, Wednesday. I am a part of this Swim Team. Proud member, slowest member. I think I got sick last year for straining my voice, cheering and yelling so loud. But as my final year on the team, I’m ready to see the new recruits.

Step One: Advertisement.



I wore this jacket around all year! Read More

Remember that trip I went to over Spring Break? I did a log on my iPod and I wanted to share it with you! 😀 Please note that I did do it on my iPod and didn’t intend to publish it until maybe the middle of the trip, so some of my thoughts should be censored…I’m sorry, it’s how I felt…

…I also have pictures that I’ll share! 😀 I’m not afraid of sharing the pictures with you, as long as nothing creepy results.

*People included: Me, my bestie Ravenn, and others that I’ll slowly introduce.

Let’s start! Read More

Hi guys! I finished my pokemon fanfic of 200k words and now I’m totally dedicated on Sims! 😀 Let’s go! Last time Zhalee and Gregorio died, Vavony was born and is now a toddler, and Vlad grew into a child. Continuing::


Hey! I just told you to go to bed! Why are you still up?

Vlad: You’re not my mommy! NEH!

>.< Teenagers.

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Last time Yohan returned to town, Whit & Virgil went on their honeymoon in France, their under appreciated dog Digger died, and the first baby of generation 3, Vlad, was born. Continuing::


AND…this would be meaningful if the game hadn’t crashed and this had really happened. *headmeetdesk*

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Hola! Last time Whitlea joined the Rider career, entered a race, and got engaged and married! And good news!


Look whose back! :D:D They came from an alternate save file of the Rolex town where Daisy’s hair mysteriously changed to one of the Egyptian style. I was too lazy to change it.

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Hey there! 😀 I’ve got AP exams next week so what’s the best way to procrastinate? SIMS!

Last time Whitlea grew up, graduated, ecetera. She got a legacy tattoo that disappeared, grr. But the reigns have been passed! Also, our founder got old! D: And Yohan moved out! BUT. YOHAN IS MISSING.




Aside from that, I’ve expanded Whit’s room since I’m too lazy to boot my founding couple out of their teeny room and fix that. So, included in this room,

From left to right; Chinese Dresser, ‘Most Popular’ Award, huge abstract painting (CC), bedside table of things (I can’t see it too well to tell you what’s on top), Bed (CC), hourglass end table, cheap radio system, clothes basket, and plant in the lower left corner. Oh, and the rug on the floor (CC).

The painting in the back was from the wallpapers 😀

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Allow me to interrupt your day for a few seconds.

Umm, excuse me EA, something is missing.


Please someone help! T.T I only moved Yohan out last chapter and open the game to this! He’s not here at all! If you know how to get him back with anything Twallan please direct me to a link…the Rolex’s cannot continue with this atrocity >.<


Thank you for your time ^_^’

Hey there! 😀 Long time no see! We’re finally passing the torch to Generation 2! 😀 That might mean more in an ISBI, but since this is just a regular challenge, it’ll be like nothing changed!

BTW, if the new background bugs anyone, just say so. I couldn’t figure out how to get it like it did with Zhalee’s.

Anyway, last time gnomes died, Whitlea started paying more attention to our horse Volvo and trained him in our yard, we met Yohan’s love interest now girlfriend Daisy, Yohan grew up and graduated and joined the acrobat career, Whitlea went through a whirlwind to keep her love interest/best friend single and they went to prom together and became official, Zhalee met a unicorn, and a dog named Digger was adopted to…dig!


I guess we can start here. Whitlea checking the mail, Read More

Bonjourno! 😀 Welcome back! Good news; MY COMPUTER ISN’T CRASHING! As much. See, I’m realizing that my computer will only crash when there are Sim-cluster spots. So, no school shots.

Last time, Whitlea and Volvo grew up an age level, Gregorio Xavier got engaged to Lesley, knocked her up, got married, and moved out, and the teens went to prom with romantic interests! I invited the interests over this time and am pleasantly surprised…Continuing::


Great way to start off a chapter right? 😛 Boo-yah! Teen bonding time with audience!

Audience: BOOOooo

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Hola! Open-mouthed smile Sorry for the long wait! My computer is having a Dasmx86dll.dll issue again. Anyway…last time, everyone aged up a level (minus Whitlea), Xavier graduated/got a job in school so it was like he never left, and we adopted a male foul named Volvo! Then, Yohan had a raging teen party, only to have the computer crash and have us start all over again! Well!

Also, I have Showtime now! Open-mouthed smile Weehee!

(also I advise that whoever has trouble reading the tiny script like I do, press “ctrl+”.)


We tried the party again. I finally remembered her name! It’s Demetria.

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Hey there! ^_^

Last time; Maddie aged up into an Elder, Zhalee finished more cases after her LTW was wiped, All the dogs were taken away, Xavier and Lesley spent time together :3, RUN was trollin’, and Whitlea gained her skills and aged into a child. There were some crashes, yes, but the men of the household finally had some bonding time on their shortly described trip to France. Continuing::

(also, the font might be bigger in the beginning, I can’t change it now -.-)


I was attempting to get through that library, but Xavier got electrocuted so many times I said FUDGE IT. I’m teleporting Gregorio through.

Xavier: Um, like, HELLO? There’s lightening shooting up from the floor! Read More

Hola! Time for another round of Sims :3

Last time Mercedez grew to a young adult Husky-Shepard thing, Xavier aged into a teen, Yohan aged into a child, and Whitlea was born and aged into a toddler. Xavier met an alien teen named Lesley B-67 and asked her to prom, winning the title of Prom King and so on. The parents returned from their very brief vacation. Continuing::


This kind of creeped me out. Not the best thing to come back to. Read More

Hi there! I just learned about Windows Live Writer.
Writing this story is so much easier now…

Anyway, my game has been acting screwy once again but that doesn’t stop me from writing! Last time Yohan grew into a toddler, there was a bachelorette party, wedding party, and honeymoon! And no, the mummy didn’t irritate us anymore because it was time to go home :3 Continuing::


Xavier: Oy! What is this? My fingers can’t even grasp it!

Maddie: trot trot trot Read More

Last time on the Rolex Legacy, Xavier had a birthday party and grew into a child! Yohan was born, Racecar met Viola Little Dog, and Zhalee began the legacy tattoo! Continuing::

These things are annoying. I don’t want many imaginary friend scenarios Read More

Last time on the Rolex Legacy Zhalee and Gregorio got engaged [to each other], Chariot grew old without any significant change, Racecar grew up too and Maddie had 3 puppies, where two were given away to adoption leaving only Mercedez. Continuing::

So I go into map view and the first thing I see is this.

Yeah. GOD IS REAL 😮 Read More

Last time the Rolex’s moved to Redcliffs and Zhalee went on a long-awaited excursion to France and made sucky wine! Now we continue::

Fully trained-to-talk Xavier makes friends with this…kid-baby? Idk why he’s not wearing pants

Xavier: num num num watermelon

Landon: Look! I gained a block skill point! Read More

Last time Gregorio divorced his wife, moved in with Zhalee, and Racecar and Xavier were born! Xavier grew into a blonde toddler, and I really hope the next baby has Zhalee’s awesome mixxy hair color. Lags had gotten so bad that I tried to install Sims onto a different computer; turns out that computer was having “Sim problems” of its own. I don’t know why, it just doesn’t start up. You can hear the music, but it immediately closes to the desktop. So now I’ve deleted the Rolex’s previous life in Appaloosa Plains and moved them to the wonderfully under populated Redcliffs.

It’s actually a very nice town. It’s spacious with plenty of lots and it took me a while to add a few 20 houses. Rapid immigration took care of it and populated most of it. Here’s the Rolex’s in their new lot in Redcliffs::

This is my second try at putting them in a big lot in Redcliffs, because at the first try the menu/control panel wouldn’t show up at all. Stupid F10 problems >=[.  The next few pictures might have slanted hills because it was in the first Redcliffs. Also, everyone’s ages were reset except for Chariot’s and Maddie’s. Even Zhalee’s LTW was reset; now it’s 0/35, but she’s still a level 5 investigator! Woo! Read More

Last time Zhalee continued up the Investigator-ladder, had a fling with Gregorio, and turned out pregnant along with her dog Maddie. Now we come to the gym in Appalosa Plains::

To think this scene couldn’t get ruined…husband and wife…

Ah. Here comes our favorite home wrecker in her skimpy maternal wear Read More

Last time on the Rolex Legacy Gregorio got a girlfriend that wasn’t Zhalee, Zhalee went undercover for a missing wallet,  she met “the other girl”, and Maddie grew up into an adult whats-it-is. Continuing::

Turns out the doggies had flees, and they gave it to Zhalee so they all sat together in the bathtub to rid of the pests. The next day Zhalee continued with work but was distracted by Map View and went to go stalk Gregorio. Outcome:

It’s supposed to be a FRIENDLY hug…

Zhalee: *melting* Read More

Last time on the Rolex Legacy we met our founder, Zhalee Rolex, and followed her through silly investigations and first-day antics. We met blank-skinned Sims, violent horses, and a guy in a suit named Gregorio! We also adopted Maddie who tore up one of the gnomes. Zhalee’s LTW of solving 35 cases is now 3/35 percent done. Now continuing after the not-date::

We spent more France money on practical things like laundry baskets Read More

Hola! Welcome to the Rolex Legacy. Here is our founder Zhalee Rolex, who happens to be Dramatic, Good, Perceptive, Neat, and Neurotic. The family trait chosen is Dramatic, whenever she decides to have kids. We bought the biggest piece of land out here in Appalosa Plains and ended up with 8,000 dollars to spend on the house.

We’re going for the standard of 10 generations, no cheats (except CAS to edit town sims), and all heirs will be girls (the ones with the best traits hopefully) but if one of the guys is really handsome then maybe we can bend the rules. We’ll also be using NRAAS Story Progression to move the town along.

That’s the house behind her, pre-stages. Read More