Rolex Legacy 1.0

Hola! Welcome to the Rolex Legacy. Here is our founder Zhalee Rolex, who happens to be Dramatic, Good, Perceptive, Neat, and Neurotic. The family trait chosen is Dramatic, whenever she decides to have kids. We bought the biggest piece of land out here in Appalosa Plains and ended up with 8,000 dollars to spend on the house.

We’re going for the standard of 10 generations, no cheats (except CAS to edit town sims), and all heirs will be girls (the ones with the best traits hopefully) but if one of the guys is really handsome then maybe we can bend the rules. We’ll also be using NRAAS Story Progression to move the town along.

That’s the house behind her, pre-stages.

And more of the land. Nice neighbors over there, whoever they are. Here’s her Siberian Husky named Chariot.

And so the house rises from the ground.

The insides that all add up to 8,000 simols~ (I believe that’s one bed, two light bulbs, a toilet, a fridge, and the dog bowl). She now has…10$.

Job hunting time! Yup time to pull out that degree that I so happenly made in CAS…

She’s an investigator now. Her running looks really funny 😛

Chariot: ….Oh Zhalee.

We went out boy hunting for a bit to get this legacy in gear; Zhalee found a cowboy but I like what Chariot found in the library instead. He winks.

Ah shoot, he’s shorter than her. He’s a teen. Go away Cruz, we’re not interested.

Cruz: You are in a library.

Zhalee: *very interested*


Zhalee: *sends beams of attractiveness into stranger’s eyes*

Next day. So this is what happens when you don’t have a chair.

Does it taste good on that toilet Zhalee?

Zhalee: *smiles*

She’s investigating a gnome-kicking case. I guess all the robbers are back in Bridgeport

Ooh, a four-legged visitor. GO SAY HI ZHALEE!

Zhalee: *is totally fearless while the Horse tries to stomp on her*

Zhalee: OH EFF A HORSE!!!!

You’re like 3 queued actions late, Zhalee.

Zhalee: I will chain you to the bottom of this house so you can stop contracting damn flees.

There are worse things under that house, Zhalee. Like pixels.

The Ice Cream truck stopped by.

Zhalee: I will marry you double fudge-cicle. Hubba hubba

Zhalee: What is that thing on your head? Does it measure water?

Zhalee: And it comes with a plus sign!

She decided to teach him some hunting skills to fulfill his wishes.


We continue with detective work. What case did you finish?

Zhalee: AHA! I knew it all along. That little booger Cruz kicked over the gnome.

Zhalee: Thank you for not peeing on my bed.

Later in the week we came upon a preggo woman.

Yikes. Pregnancy is spreading like a disease around these parts.

Oh, who are you?

Zhalee: *sneaks up from behind*

Zhalee: Umm…so what do you think about Blondie marrying that girl he likes?

Guy: *nods* They’re terrible together.


…When did…these two get in there?

Ha. I feel like I had a part in this. (Idk why the pictures have those light streaks. It didn’t have them before -.-)

Chariot decided to make friends with a kitty.

That’s never good.

Zhalee: *hacks*

Zhalee: I KNEW IT!

Aww, this is such a cute picture. Too bad that lady in the background had to ruin it with her thought bubble.

More renovating! We’ve finally got enough money for a counter and CHAIRS! Sure, we were supposed to save up for that “Visit France” wish…

Oh crud. Evil music.

Save us Chariot!

Chariot: *dreams of game of fetch*

Chariot: That one? The one creeping towards me ominously?

Good guarding there.

I decided to do the smart thing since Chariot was just going to stare and had Zhalee call the police the second the burglar got on the lot. There weren’t many valuables to steal, and I can see the cop has put that into perspective

Zhalee: Take whatever you like

Police Woman: We’re taking this fight off the porch

Burglar: *agrees*

Police Woman: Just go and I’ll tell the others you escaped!

Burglar: *laughs*

After the burglary we decided to spend more France money on these nice curtains and window.

The house continues to be smaller than a shoe closet


Zhalee: Got’cher nose!

It’s a doggie treat, Zhalee.

…This ice cream truck has been sitting out there for a few days now.

Chariot went out to have a compelling discussion with other neighborhood dogs.

Chariot: I hate bugs.

Dog: I like fleas!

Zhalee went out to explore and found a pack of wild horses that really wanted to damage her self esteem

Zhalee: A baby horse!

These two went flying

The kitchen is coming in progress.

Once Zhalee went for another quick meal I remembered to buy a sink and a smoke detector.


We adopted a new puppy named Maddie! I forget what breed she was.

They seem to be getting along.

Zhalee went out to start the case and told the guy what she found when she hacked into the government database.

Zhalee: I saw a lot of 1’s and 0’s.

Chariot! Stop being a bad influence on Maddie! A car might come and phase right through you!

Never going to get any cooking skill points this way.

Uh-oh, Maddie what are you…

NO! Not Mr. Gnoooooome!

While Maddie was tearing Mr. Gnome to shreds Zhalee went to the gym to take a shower (since that bathtub does no justice) and ran into fancy-suit here named Gregorio.

Zhalee: *rolls a wish to know his sign* So what’s your sign?

Gregorio: Virgo!

*racks in lifetime points*

They proceeded into having a ghost story in broad daylight

Gregorio:…And there was NO coffee left in the espresso machine!

Zhalee: *gasp*

This new lady moved into town. Am I the only one getting a dangerous amount of blank-skinned sims? It’s becoming a problem that ‘object delete’ won’t fix. I don’t see how this is possible when the sims are bred from custom-sims in the bin.

I managed to fix her skin without my game crashing (for the first time) and found the stupid skin tone that was messing up my game. Looks like I’m going custom-sim hunting in the bins to find the culprit.

Zhalee waited patiently outside the men’s bathroom until Gregorio finished so she could chat with him again.

What are you two talking about?

Gregorio: *giggles* You know that voice inside your head that’s narrating your life? I can hear it too!

She invited him to a group outing. A demoted date I believe

Ooh. We get to ride in his swanky orange smog breather. (I assumed we were taking a taxi tho :P)

She took him to a park that I poorly constructed because the places in Appalosa Plains are disappointing

Zhalee: I have the perfect idea to impress him!

Gregorio: I’m impressed. Let’s talk about babies

Chariot and Maddie decided to tag along and come to the park (named TriRena). Maddie is taking some time getting here on her puppy legs.

The things that come up when playing chess.

Zhalee: Yawn…this is getting boring. Let’s go eat somewhere.

:O What does THIS do??

Zhalee: Come on Gregorio, we’re going to a fancy restaurant on our not-date

Apparently chess is more interesting than a grown woman changing into her formal wear in front of you

Maddie: *has finally arrived*

We end this post with Gregorio entering the fancy restaurant in only his boxers.

Zhalee: *is totally fine with it*

  1. Madcapp said:

    LoL Chariot winking when he found the guy was awesome.
    Love it!
    I had that teen thing happen to me too. It’s so hard to tell in this one until you get them side by side!

    Mmm, I’d marry a double fudge-cicle too. LoL

    LMAO – Oh Zhalee.

    “Zhalee: Thank you for not peeing on my bed.”
    Yes, definitely something to be thankful for.

    Random gnomes are fun! They must have been scared of the gnome kicker and jumped into her pocket when she was investigating.
    That career looks interesting. I haven’t tried it yet but I need to.

    I love the picketing gnomes outside.

    “Zhalee: Got’cher nose!

    It’s a doggie treat, Zhalee.”
    Had me cracking up!

    “Zhalee went out to explore and found a pack of wild horses that really wanted to damage her self esteem”
    -ROFL Poor Zhalee.

    Your story is hilarious! Nice to find another writer who still does the narrative. Definitely going to follow you!

    • Thanks! 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed it! It was fun to write too X) she has the oddest faces sometimes

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