Rolex Legacy 1.1

Last time on the Rolex Legacy we met our founder, Zhalee Rolex, and followed her through silly investigations and first-day antics. We met blank-skinned Sims, violent horses, and a guy in a suit named Gregorio! We also adopted Maddie who tore up one of the gnomes. Zhalee’s LTW of solving 35 cases is now 3/35 percent done. Now continuing after the not-date::

We spent more France money on practical things like laundry baskets

At the crack of dawn Chariot went out sniffing for things in our backyard

:O! A diamond! I suppose he can come back inside the house now

Zhalee: France…France…France…



Must. Find. This sim-tone.

Zhalee: Aww crap. Stupid EA games

Zhalee, it’s been an hour. Do you want to call a repair man?

Zhalee: NEVARRRR!!

Nooooo! Not our awesome Gregorio with the boxers and suit! What about the not-date! Did that mean nothing to you!

Watch out, boys. Maddie is coming to sharpen her teeth.

Maddie: I like Autumn

Chariot: I don’t. It has flees

He must be having recurring nightmares since that flee bath -.-

Zhalee: CAN IT WAIT!?

Oh hai there. We can make time for you :3

Zhalee: Hi Gregorio! No I’m not in the bathroom, my house just gets good acoustics

*Relationship promotes to ‘Friends’*


I don’t see how she’s so popular when she only knows 4 sims in town

The call ended up being a case about a stolen wallet. I found this door in the family inventory! I guess now Zhalee doesn’t have to worry about people seeing her changing from the family room

Those socks look so dorky.

Hello, Gregorio’s girlfriend.


Gregorio came to the dog park to chat with Zhalee (after we invited him over). His girlfriend is in the background behind the car so his smile is awkward

:O What just happened…?!

Zhalee: Awkward…So umm…Gregorio’s gf…did you steal the wallet?

Jazzlyn: Who are you


Oooh…she’s a freaky looking dog.

*ignore the walls down on the right*


And we end this post with a Lion King moment. I have a feeling that if I have too many pictures in one post then the pictures will have a loading problem, like last post.

Thanks for reading! 😀

  1. Maddie ended up being a lot bigger than I was thinking she would be! :O

    • I know! X) I was expecting her to be muuuch smaller
      Thanks for reading! ^_^

  2. Madcapp said:

    Maddie is so pretty! She looks like a sheepdog from what I can tell.
    And darn that Gregorio! And his girlfriend. That’s one big problem from the story progression mods. All the singles get snatched and then you end up with break ups and stalkers and step kids. Good times LoL

    • Yeah that’s what I think she is…an English sheepdog..hmm
      X) oh well, story progression makes an interesting sim game. Hopefully I won’t lose Gregorio to anyone else X.X

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