Rolex Legacy 1.2

Last time on the Rolex Legacy Gregorio got a girlfriend that wasn’t Zhalee, Zhalee went undercover for a missing wallet,  she met “the other girl”, and Maddie grew up into an adult whats-it-is. Continuing::

Turns out the doggies had flees, and they gave it to Zhalee so they all sat together in the bathtub to rid of the pests. The next day Zhalee continued with work but was distracted by Map View and went to go stalk Gregorio. Outcome:

It’s supposed to be a FRIENDLY hug…

Zhalee: *melting*


Back at work Zhalee knew this punk had the wallet and he wouldn’t talk.

Zhalee: I know you know that I know you know you have that wallet, mister.

Kanoa: You want answers out of me? I WANT MONEY DAMMIT!

Zhalee: Let’s see…I need a pen to write out this check…

Kanoa: YOINK! *tosses wallet and runs away*

Zhalee: PSH yeah getting that wallet was a breeze! Case 5/35 completed!

Old guy: Yeah…so where is it

Zhalee: *beams of attractiveness powers GO!*

A bit too close there, Zhalee

Guy: GURL get those guns out of my face

Guy: Yes, hi, my name is Benny Rider and I do like mooning.

Zhalee: You’re pretty.

Benny: EEW! Get away from me heathen! I have a wife named Shawna!

Fine then! You had bad traits anyway. (First three: Loser, Unlucky, Likes the Outdoors)

Chariot: HELLO MADDIE! We shall do the children making dance now!

Maddie: *so into it*

The two dogs enter. Hint hint.

I want little Chariots more than I do Maddies. Ima name one RACECAR 😀

Chariot: Come back anytime baby 😉

Maddie: *walk of shame dog-style*

A new case has come up and Zhalee needs to hack into the computer, again. She went over to Gregorio’s fabulous mansion and went straight for this room while he went to chat with his kid-sister

Zhalee: Ooh! Gregorio left his email account open!

Zhalee, you can hardly cook at home. What makes you think you’ll be better at Gregorio’s?

This kid rang the doorbell at 11 at night. Vampire kid. Figures

Gregorio: *strolls in* MMMMmmm what’s cooking? IS IT COOKIES? ITS COOKIES ISN’T IT!

He tends to be an excitable Sim.

Zhalee: Aww damn it! Your handsomeness distracted me for a nanosecond and the macaroni burned

Gregorio: *Frugal Trait* UGH! You wasted my perfectly good box of craft mac&cheese! You owe me 98 cents!

Mr. Light Sleeper took the small room.

*creeper music*

Gregorio: Ugh…there’s someone…creeping into my house…

Zhalee: *creeping louder*

Zhalee: Mission successful

Of all the tossing and turning that night they ended up like this, and Gregorio was previously dreaming of a heart while Zhalee was dreaming of completing her LTW

In the morning Maddie was hungry and resorted to trash. DON’T HURT MY CHARIOT JR.S!

Maddie: =__= it’s not like I’m enjoying it

Gregorio: …When did she get here? Did you let her in?


Zhalee: I’m number one…Jazyln’s number two…

Nooooo! *goes off into a corner to cry*

Later the next day Zhalee goes over to the pool where Gregorio is to apologize for her awkward advances.

Zhalee: I shouldn’t have come! I’m so so so so so sorry!

And then being the Good Sim she is, she gifts him a wedding gift.

Zhalee: So…Congratulations on your marriage with Jazlyn!

Gregorio: Ah! A diamond! Where did you get the money?

Zhalee: My dog found it in the backyard

She smiles at him and can’t help it.

Zhalee: Aww crap! I’m—I’m—

Zhalee flees from the property. When she’s gone, Gregorio’s little sister and stepson arrive to the pool and swims with him. No reaction, aye?


The next day at the beach Zhalee attempted to get her mind off of Gregorio and went investigating, then went to walk Maddie home. But it took too long so they took a cab 😛

We bought a double bed with more France money

Zhalee aims pretty high with these wishes

What’s this guy doing here??

Gregorio: I was invited.

I meant cloak and scythe next to ya.

Zhalee: Stupid dog!

Zhalee: …Stupid stray dog dying on my lawn!

The two worked on their relationship the rest of the night. ;P

Ended in this.

I like that jingle…can I get it in a ringtone? X)


Zhalee: YUGH

Eeew! You’re getting it all over the toilet!

She clogged it with her barf -_-

Zhalee: crappy toilets these days

Zhalee: *channels Leaf-Sim Cheerleader*

We end this post with Zhalee’s maternal wear!

It’s going to be born with flees. -___-


1 comment
  1. Madcapp said:

    LoL Stupid Gregorio and his stupid wife. At least you’re getting a behbeh out of him.
    Cheerleading with the bushes made me laugh and the baby with fleas.

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