Rolex Legacy 1.3

Last time Zhalee continued up the Investigator-ladder, had a fling with Gregorio, and turned out pregnant along with her dog Maddie. Now we come to the gym in Appalosa Plains::

To think this scene couldn’t get ruined…husband and wife…

Ah. Here comes our favorite home wrecker in her skimpy maternal wear

Zhalee: GREGORIO! Oh man, do I have news for you!

Jazyln: *suspicious*

Zhalee: You know how Jazyln is preggers with your kid…

Zhalee: So am I!          

Gregorio: Wow! That’s so so so so awesome!

Gregorio: Feels human to me

Zhalee: You know, we can’t keep doing this. Either you want me or her! I’ve been your friend longer haven’t I?

I’d imagine so.

What the hell EA.

Helmut is Artistic and Virtuoso. We’re keeping tabs on him ‘cause he’s a big brother now. Oh, and turns out Gregorio’s child-now-teen sister is actually his daughter. Umm..


Maddie: Hello…?

Puppy 1: Twas a tough journey through your dog parts

His name is Racecar :3 ha and you thought I wasn’t serious.

Darn it, he’s Maddie’s breed…I WANTED A MINI CHARIOT >=[

What the hell! This guy can’t go 2 sim hours without a new girlfriend!

Zhalee: So I see you’re with this Mathis girl

How……….I’m standing right next to you!

Zhalee: To prevent further relationships of yours, I’m going to have you move in with me!

Gregorio: Sure best friend! I’ll bring in enough money to take you to France!

A true friend 😮

With the long-needed simoleons, we finally had enough money to furnish  the family room! Or as previously called, the “corner”.

Maddie: Zhalee…WAKE UP!

This really does explain a lot.

Zhalee: What is this tingling feeling? OHHH! It’s not love!

Meanwhile, Gregorio is staring into space

They met up at the hospital a few hours later.

DAMN IT! I wanted a girl! That watermelons thing didn’t work!! T_T

Thank goodness they fixed that baby skin patch. Now they need to fix the buildings-fade-when-camera-is-close thing.

Current house at aerial view. New fridge and crib included.

So, what’s happening with Xavier? You’re just staring into the camera with soulless eyes

Zhalee: Can’t see my eyes now! Ooh ooh ooh!

Xavier: Put me down. Your hands are unworthy of my blue silk fabric >=[

Zhalee: Aww I love you tooo!

Zhalee: You’re an airplane now! Zoom zoom!

I’m pretty sure that’s not the angle that you hold a 4-hour old, Zhalee.

Gregorio and Zhalee went out to work and our babysitter arrived…?

Ah, chaos shot.

I didn’t know babysitters could feed the pets. I assumed with the lazy work they did with the actual babies this wouldn’t be a priority -__-

Ha, the irony of this quote.

Gregorio rolled the wish to go to France too, but during that time the game crashed so it didn’t save. I played again and this time he rolled a want to go to China. -___- *right-click*

:O! BABY GNOME! I’ve never had one before! Strange though, I didn’t expect one from two male gnomes…

Weird, I don’t remember Zhalee having any relatives -.-

Meet unnamed imaginary friend.

FAMILY SHOT :3 until the next puppy comes

Gregorio went over to his new girlfriend’s house after a few hours of figuring out they couldn’t talk with one-square of property left on her lawn

*ominous music*

Ravenn: *dramatically* I see…the…DOOR.

Gregorio: computer computer computer

Gregorio: Let’s get down to business. THIS WAS A MISTAKE!

Ravenn: —

Gregorio: We’re through!

Ravenn: Eff this

[Next day]

WOO! Go Chariot! Teach that mailwoman whose boss!

And growl at that stalker ice cream truck while you’re at it!

:O OH MY GOD. She is the prettiest thing NRAAS has ever spawned for me. Now I know why she’s  3-star celebrity :3 If I had the highest setting to 5, I bet she’d be that too ;P

:O You know what time it is?

That’s right, aging time!

Chariot: He doesn’t belong here neh!

Party pooper >.<

I swear Chariot is always thinking of something different in every picture


I can’t really tell who he looks more of; he’s got Gregorio’s blonde hair, but he’s got Zhalee’s blue eyes and nose. Ooh, and face structure. We’ll have to wait till he’s a teen.

I leave you with this picture of Zhalee looking very suspicious.

Zhalee: If you eat him, YOU DIEEE

I’m also having Sims 3 issues, so the pictures may not come as fast. For some reason these past few days I can only go 2 minutes into the game and it just freezes, and my computer automatically closes it. So annoying. If my game closes every time it begins to lag, I’d never be able to play again…

Merry Christmas! 😀

  1. Why does he have to be blond! lol it’s not the same shade of blond his dad has as well… At least he is cute 🙂 Have you tried putting your game in window mode? That helps my game’s performance.

    • It usually is in window mode, but my computer is always slow 😛 the Rolex’s will be transferred to a new computer with hopefully no damage X)

  2. Madcapp said:

    First kid is blond. Keep trying! At least you have a handle on Gregorio now. LoL
    Racecar is a super cute puppy at least. I wonder if he’ll have any of Chariot’s features.

    • Nope :l is it a mod? I doubt it would help with my old computer x_x

      • It is. Its by Twallan. It helps loaaaads.

      • Hmm cool 😮 I’ll look into it…maybe it’ll save the game before another crash X_X

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