Rolex Legacy 1.4

Last time Gregorio divorced his wife, moved in with Zhalee, and Racecar and Xavier were born! Xavier grew into a blonde toddler, and I really hope the next baby has Zhalee’s awesome mixxy hair color. Lags had gotten so bad that I tried to install Sims onto a different computer; turns out that computer was having “Sim problems” of its own. I don’t know why, it just doesn’t start up. You can hear the music, but it immediately closes to the desktop. So now I’ve deleted the Rolex’s previous life in Appaloosa Plains and moved them to the wonderfully under populated Redcliffs.

It’s actually a very nice town. It’s spacious with plenty of lots and it took me a while to add a few 20 houses. Rapid immigration took care of it and populated most of it. Here’s the Rolex’s in their new lot in Redcliffs::

This is my second try at putting them in a big lot in Redcliffs, because at the first try the menu/control panel wouldn’t show up at all. Stupid F10 problems >=[.  The next few pictures might have slanted hills because it was in the first Redcliffs. Also, everyone’s ages were reset except for Chariot’s and Maddie’s. Even Zhalee’s LTW was reset; now it’s 0/35, but she’s still a level 5 investigator! Woo!

Zhalee: Eeee! We’re the pioneer Sims of Redcliffs! We should rename the town Zhalee Cliffs!

I have a feeling only you would find that a good idea

SUCCESS! I found Zhalee’s hair. I’m not sure where……. but I found her hair on a downloadable Sim WITHOUT custom skin. *sigh* We are not going down that road again. Unfortunately I couldn’t find her fabtastic dress T_T


Gregorio went to be useful and taught Xavier key life lessons

Gregorio: The world isn’t butterflies and rainbows! If I want your lolly, I GET your lolly!

I recently learned about the super zoom in button. THANKS FOR TELLING ME >=[

[btw it’s ‘TAB’ for those like me who were clueless too]

Gregorio: *sigh* I just want to lounge in a 92 degree hot tub with an ice cold lemonade martini with a blue leopard print umbrella sticking out of it

Xavier: Laaaawlly-pop

Guess where we’re going!?


I’d bring the whole fam but Toddies aren’t allowed and we can’t leave him alone, so Zhalee gets to go to France on a solo mission. It won’t count as a wish because she doesn’t have it anymore…but I’ve never had a chance to travel yet since I got World Adventures [a few weeks ago] so we’re going.

First thing she does is look at the sparkly bulletin board outside of base camp.

Zhalee: Base camp is nicer than my own house

Hey >=[ until you have money flying out of your leopard belt, you can’t talk missy!

Zhalee: Touchy…

I wouldn’t trust her on anything with less than four wheels

We enter a tomby thing and the first thing we see is the pile of dirt. ATTACK!

Zhalee: Wait. I must hone my awesome picking skillz

Zhalee: See! I could use a nice cup of coco too

Too bad -.-

Zhalee: MONEY! moneymoneymoneymoney

Zhalee: Eeeeeww….it’s so slimy!

Zhalee: Hmm…what to do…

Zhalee: *turns away from door* OOH! What’s over there?

I’ma just ignore that creepy skeleton…

We come upon a really fancy hall.

Zhalee: How long do I have to hold this pose?

Zhalee: PULLLLL!

With your knees! Not your back!

Zhalee: That’s for lifting!


Zhalee: Ohhhh I’m not feeling so good. Those medium quality morsels aren’t agreeing with me

Drama queen.

Zhalee: Drama trait.


Zhalee: *gasp* Pixy dust!

[It was gold coins -.-]

Zhalee: I wonder what it is


Too bad! Xavier doesn’t have a cell phone yet!

Zhalee: Is that the only thing stopping me? I thought it was reception

Zhalee: It shines so bright for a place without light

You rhymed >_>

Zhalee: I WIN!

Turns out there was only a baseball in there -_-

Now that we’ve finished exploring missions, Zhalee decides to indulge in the rest of France’s wonderful culture

Zhalee: Do you sell McDonalds?

It’s a cheese platter

Not so sure about that purple stuff

We decided to chat with some of the tourists.

Girl: I have a strong boyfriend back home!

Girl: But he’s controlled by a Simmer so I don’t think we’ll last long!

Zhalee: How weird! I’m controlled by a Simmer too! And my old crush turned into my best friend because I made him break up with his wife because I had his baby

Girl: ……*nods*

Zhalee went to call home because she missed her Gregorio

Zhalee: Hey Gregorio! I’m in France!…What? You say time is frozen back there until I get back?

Zhalee:…Cool! That means you get 3 extra days in your life!….No I will not bring you back wine

Did not sleep in those crappy single beds 😛

*sigh* Zhalee, no matter where you go, you will always burn the simplest breakfast meals

Alright, better…

*autonomously looks out window*

Zhalee: Hey. Weren’t you blonde? And running a grocery store?

Person: No no no! I do not like the way those beady eyes of the jackal are looking at me!

Person: Weather is always nice here

Zhalee: Probably. We haven’t gotten the seasons expansion pack yet so it can’t rain

Zhalee: I’ll be going home in a few hours. Have any suggestions for what I should do until then?


Did you wash your feet?

Zhalee: Was I supposed to?

Zhalee: The feeling of that was so gross

Do you know how to work that thing?

XD I suspected it’d be that bad..

Zhalee: I wonder if I can return to Redcliffs by bike…

And that was our last picture of France.         

I leave you with this old picture in Appaloosa Plains where a girl was sniffing her horse’s butt.

Hopefully next time we’ll actually get a new addition to the family! 😀 Thanks for reading!

  1. haha very nice! hmmm tab button… i will have to try that.
    and about that purple stuff…. Grapes would be my guess. 🙂 cheese goes great with grapes! anyway, great job!

    • hmm yeah, I guess grapes would make sense…I just thought maybe there was such a thing as purple cheese…
      and thanks! 😛

  2. Madcapp said:

    You can also move the camera up and down while in tab by using the q and e keys. 🙂
    The last picture was awesome LoL
    She finally got to France, woot!

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