Rolex Legacy 1.5

Last time the Rolex’s moved to Redcliffs and Zhalee went on a long-awaited excursion to France and made sucky wine! Now we continue::

Fully trained-to-talk Xavier makes friends with this…kid-baby? Idk why he’s not wearing pants

Xavier: num num num watermelon

Landon: Look! I gained a block skill point!

“Fetch Date”??

O.o didn’t know that dogs could do this…seems like Chariot is going to do some meddling…

Zhalee: *cracks knuckles* Alright Chariot, I’ll go! Quit tugging on my dress!

Zhalee: My dog told me to come over here and whisper in your ear

Gregorio: He’s such a great wingman

Potty training time!

Xavier: Meditate. All the trains will move along smoother this way.

Idk why, Maddie just wanted to walk home by herself. Our shack is on the country side so naturally I had to –>

It’s not aliens! :O It’s Maddie the teleporting space dog!

I swear this ice cream truck followed from Appaloosa


I don’t care how much he likes Peanut, this face is just creeeepy

Last time you cooked breakfast it was in France and you burned it. Why do you keep trying to cook???

I bought her a new stove! It was a wish. Quit looking at me as if I spoil her :3

/walking spam

You look angry. Squirrely squirrely squirrel

Zhalee: This person has a party invitation to a party I didn’t get invited to!

There won’t be any extra invitations in there…

Zhalee: Screw the party! I’m going to do my job!

Your job is breaking into houses?

Zhalee: Part of it.

Are you trying to break in with a fork…?

Zhalee: So! Tired! Must fall dramatically!

Next day we focus on learning how to walk!

I swear this kid is a genius on the low. He learns way too fast.

Idk how..

YES! We get a chance to visit Egypt now :3

We went and looked for a new guy to replace Gregorio. We meet another blonde named Aleksey Pearce at the museum.

Aleksey: I’m tired too! Let’s go eat!

This strange dog tried to nuzzle Chariot

Chariot: ….awkward

We bought this thingy with Chariot’s life time points!

OHMYGOD! CHARIOT! What are they doing to you in there?!

Chariot: I feel unnaturally clean

Repair lady: I’m cannot fix this tub! There’s an object in the way!

Gnome: *Snooze*

Here is our perfectly normal babysitter.

……..darn it.

Zhalee: …Every guy I talk to always gets snapped up by another girl

He reminded me a lot of Gregorio. But with their pictures side by side I can compare…X) hehe I still like Aleksey more


Gregorio: I was promoted!

Zhalee: That’s great! Now I’ll get more money for Egypt!

Gregorio: …Can I come this time?


Aleksey: Oh joy! It’s my voluptuous new friend!

Aleksey: A present? For me?

Zhalee: It’s a stuffed unicorn! *racks in life time points*

Brenda Tan: Ick that girl in red stinks

Zhalee: I tried to take a shower earlier in the gym but they didn’t have any. Wtf kind of town is this?


We pressed reject 😛

Chariot: I’M AGINGGG!


Cutie face :3

I see no change. /disappointment

Seriously? Again?

Policeman: Aww, that burglar got away

Gregorio: Get off my lawn punk!


Gregorio: This is crap. WE NEED AN ALARM

And so was the birth of sir loud noise maker.

Zhalee: I want a new makeover. I’m tired of this ugly puritan dress

Zhalee: Oh come on! This is horrible!

Stylist: But it’s in style!

Zhalee: Yeah! In the 1980s!

Zhalee: I’ll just make over myself

SUCCESS! I found her old dress. Swapped the colors 😛

Gregorio: Hey, want to watch a romance movie—

Zhalee: Ick no! Gregorio, we’ve already figured out that we’ll never be more than friends!

I was soooo disappointed in this reaction

Racecar: I feel tingly

This looks like it hurts o_O

He looks like a mix of Chariot and Maddie :3

Maddie: I’m just going to lie here calmly as I give birth again


Crap! Triplets!

Meet Mercedez! She is a noisy genius. And very thin.

Meet Tiger! He’s adventurous and playful. And looks exactly like Maddie.

And lastly, meet Chevvie! She is non-destructive and adventurous. She’s got more hair on her than her sister.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough room in the house for all these dogs and we decided to put Tiger up for adoption.

And Chevvie. Bye you two! T_T

Adoption Guy: Sweaters rock.

Zhalee: WOOT! I finished my 5th case! I think.

At the same time :3

Ugh. I cannot win.

That was Aleksey’s fiancé, btw.

Zhalee: Doesn’t matter to me, I’ve got someone else 🙂

Oh, so you’re back together AGAIN??

Xavier: I miss mommy and daddy!

Yea, I notice they leave you home alone most of the day with this stranger

Uh ha. Well at least things are finally moving along

Mostly my fault XD He’s only been with 3 ppl

Zhalee: What are you doing on the ground? Your knee is in gum

Gregorio: I wanted to show you something…

Zhalee: It’s not a caterpillar is it?

Zhalee: OHMYGOD! It’s an evolved what’s-it that Chariot found in the ground!

Gregorio: Marry me? Come on, you can’t say no to this face!

Zhalee: YES! We’re finally legal!


Gregorio: Woo! I’m finally settling down! I don’t know why I look so worried!

Zhalee: Damn sink! It’s my engagement night and you choose to break!

I leave you with this very suggestive photo 😛

Zhalee: I’m tired, but I hear jingles! >:]

Gregorio: Oh sorry, I thought I had my phone on vibrate

  1. Yay! new chapter. I enjoyed this a lot. The puppies are so cute. I want one 🙂 but my favorite part was jingles part at the end. Maybe Zhalee will have twins there was more than a phone ringing 🙂

    • 😮 ooh that would be nice. As long as theyre not triples o.o

  2. Madcapp said:

    Haha! Dog wingman, that’s awesome!
    The new puppies are sooo cute! I love the brown noses on Chevvie and Mercedez!
    And about time Gregorio is going to marry her. How many times could he run off and get a new girlfriend in 5 minutes. Geesh.

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