Rolex Legacy 1.6

Last time on the Rolex Legacy Zhalee and Gregorio got engaged [to each other], Chariot grew old without any significant change, Racecar grew up too and Maddie had 3 puppies, where two were given away to adoption leaving only Mercedez. Continuing::

So I go into map view and the first thing I see is this.


Zhalee: Ohhhh my tummy hurts!

You were assigned with dramatic, not childish >.>

Oh gross! And you’re a neat Sim too. I hope you plan on cleaning that up

A party was planned for Xavier’s birthday and we bought a stereo and misc items for the scene. Oh, and another window. Really ties the small room together

What the hell WHO LET THE DOGS IN

Maddie: There’s not enough room in here for the 2 of us

I’m lucky Mercedez can’t crawl up those steps -.-

Party has started!

And apparently everyone wants to run into Gregorio’s room to greet him. (and I mean EVERYONE. They all instantly routed to this room)

Gregorio: *dreaming of Zhalee*

Other two people: *thinking naughty thoughts of Gregorio*

Feels like the actual party is on the walkway

Yea no one really cares about the cake

Zhalee: *cheesing*

Robin: Yeah I’ll just stand here and look fabulous (She’s the one who recently married Aleksey)

Robin: oh is that lint on my stockings? *totally ignoring sentimental cake blowing moment*

/sentimentalness stolen

I was hoping to avoid the derp face

Xavier: SPARKLY!

Xavier: Being cross eyed is fun!

But not attractive -.-

We rolled Angler. I’m not sure if I want to keep Dramatic as the family trait. I think it’s only accessible after teen years and that’s when all the good traits come up…hmm…

Jazlyn: Yes I have made an appearance at your lame party

Didn’t seem so lame when you left with an awesome moodlet >.>

Blue-haired girl: *looks suspicious* (btw this is Gregorio’s boss.)

My gosh. That shirt has an empty line in it

The house was renovated to give Xavier a room. You are now looking at the hallway connecting him to his parent’s room

Ah what very poor decorating style I have

(the room is literally this small)

Here’s an overview:

(this is post-party after I’ve cleaned up all the crap left behind by guests)

Gregorio: I’m worried about money. My fiance just spent 2k on our son’s bedroom! I could’ve spent that money on a man cave!

Yeaaa after that renovation we only had like 92 simols left (we should probably just sell the Woohooium)

Gregorio: What’s up with you?

Wayne: I just had a baby two seconds ago! Well. Not me. My lady friend

The party ended and now Zhalee wakes up patting her stomach

Zhalee: Ack! It’s the return of the hideous holey t-shirt

I really have no idea where it came from. And those blasted bad cc boots found its way onto my game.

We found a gnome dog in Xavier’s room! For a hot second I thought it was a stray dog that broke into the house o.o

With his parents being away most of the day, toddy Xavier only had Peanut to talk to. Hence why it he/she is standing behind him

I’m looking for a girlfriend for Racecar. Let’s see who’s behind door number 1!

Failed shot.

I’m not sure how to translate this. Apparently they’re both into bugs and ducks

Meet Viola 😛

Lady: EWW! Are you peeing on my shoes??

Viola: He should get a job as a shoe pee-er

Lady: Get out before I kick you out!

This is like a pets version of Romeo and Juliet. I think. Romeo never peed on Juliet’s dad, tho.

Xavier: Mom get out! I have to peeee!

Zhalee: BOYYY! Forget that I potty trained you! Isn’t fixing the crummy bathtub more important? Woe is me

This was created in the corner of the yard to go along with Xavier’s angler wishes.

The gnomes seem to like it :3

Gregorio: Here’s your new coughpoorcough school. I probably won’t be able to drop you off for your first day because of work but I want you to know…I SIGNED YOU UP FOR BALLET! 😀

Xavier:………….thanks Daddy!

Later the two bonded by crashing a very swinging party. [/sarcasm]

Gregorio: This was a brilliant idea!

Xavier: Man, how come no one came around to spray me with invisible spray?

They were the only 2 people there. I can see why the host didn’t kick them out XD

Recognize her? This is Gregorio’s YA daughter.


Helmut has aged too!

Ha, fail. This is why Jazlyn shouldn’t have children with multiple men

*arrives at school very very late*

Zhalee: Bye bye! Hurry before I autonomously scold you for being late!

Zhalee: Whatchu lookin’ at gator?

This is what replaces her trench coat apparently

Do you know how to work that?


Zhalee: Is that a…


I didn’t teleport her! I couldn’t even get through the whole “Dust prints” action because she wanted to go home. Grr. Pregnancy problems.

So yeah I like to catch random sims giving birth in town

Turns out Redcliffs didn’t have a hospital -.- I had to add one around the neighborhood Zhalee lives in.

Zhalee: What? Is there a horse behind me?

We were visited by two of them today 😛

Zhalee: You’re off the hook from being late to school. I was being bipolar

Xavier: *smile*


GALLOP YAY (Now I know what the aura/sparkly thingy in the sky is for)

I added a bathroom to Xavier’s room because the Sims take too damn long in that one bathtub

Glamorous. What a wonder time for that message to pop up

Frak shazz damn. I wanted a girl.

I also realized that Y comes after Z, not X. I’m trying to do the whole alphabet thing backwards X_X

I’ve trashed the idea of having Dramatic as the family trait and changed it to Neurotic. Fun, won’t it be? He rolled for Perceptive.

Zhalee: I’m tired of having boys

It’s time for another nightly rendezvous with Lady Viola. It’s even luckier that she’s not at the house so that damn owner lady doesn’t trying to interrupt

Chase after her Racecar!

Sigh. Really Chariot? Is it that hard to stand while eating?

Zhalee: My house still feels brand new with these additions…

I sent Mercedez out via teleport to chat with this here raccoon. I think she may be getting stir crazy, only talking to the other house pets



Zhalee: Eew! Are you flirting with me? I’m engaged!

Kind of ironic, you got this reaction once.

This is one of the first times a Sim started the flirting instead of my own sim. Hehe.


Zhalee: I’d like a tattoo for future generations to wear. Think of it like a magical family birthmark

Tattoo giver: Whatever

We end with a look at Zhalee’s tattoos 😀 the family tattoo is the sparkles on her chest. I shall now attempt to add a story-ness feature to this legacy.

Zhalee peered down at the purple drill device sticking into her skin. Oh, this felt so painful and gross. Kind of reminded her of something else but she wouldn’t say. Those petals on her shoulders were lovely. She wished they were holographic and would sway to the disinfectant scented breeze.

Zhalee: Oh that was pitiful -.- please don’t do that often

  1. Very good. love the durp face! can’t wait for more

  2. Madcapp said:

    Ohhh you saw the unicorn rainbow! I haven’t seen it yet in my games.
    Nasty… she just puked on the floor… I thought they always at least ran outsde >,<
    LMAO and the baby came while she was pottying. Of course. At least it would be less messy if that's where your water broke.

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