Rolex Legacy 1.7

Last time on the Rolex Legacy, Xavier had a birthday party and grew into a child! Yohan was born, Racecar met Viola Little Dog, and Zhalee began the legacy tattoo! Continuing::

These things are annoying. I don’t want many imaginary friend scenarios

Gnome family; addition: 1 😀

Racecar is too timid to meet with Lady Viola that night. Plus its 5 am and they won’t let us scratch the door until later.


Xavier: Isn’t that dude too old to be going on a field trip?

Helmut: idk

For a disciplined Sim Xavier is pretty antsy

What’s wrong?

Gregorio: Oh that smell! Too much white on him!


It was a wish of hers XD

Yes, I do realize Xavier’s a boy

Maybe he’ll grow out of it x.x

Aleksey: Work it fraulein!

A rocking party filled with bad cc and pregnant women! Woo!

Shirtless men have arrived.


Aleksey: Hey pay attention to me and not the guy with the spotlight! I’m proposing a toast!

Zhalee: Heyyyyy careful with that—

Zhalee: CREEP!

Aleksey: you love it love it don’t chu love it?

I wonder what they’re all thinking about

Wait. Where are your clothes?? You’re not the stripper here!

Zhalee: The cap was messing with my brain!

/spray spam


Zhalee: Woo! This doesn’t smell!


If only he was a girl

What a cutie pie :3 He’s got Zhalee’s nose, hair color, eye color, lips…wtf is Gregorio not the father?

Aleksey is just so adorable. Why did Robin have to snap him up so fast?

Lady Viola sits alone.

Ah! Here is Racecar!

I’ll be moving Racecar out as soon as he impregnates his new friend

/wow that sounded really disgusting

The bathroom has been redone! It’s the only room in the house with a different wallpaper XD

(Added items: Jade tile wallpaper, white cross (CC), long mirror, 2 counters, bush in a cage, tri folded towels, hair dryer, candle, sink, flower rug (CC), window, curtains, shower-tub, and duel red towels for the shower-tub which you can’t see from this angle)

Zhalee: You won’t fall in, trust me! I’ve checked many many times

She’s staying over for the morning

Zhalee: HEY! Yeah, I know I called yesterday. Now I want to throw a Wedding!

Here’s our poorly constructed wedding site. Maybe next generation it’ll look more romantical

WOO! LTW accomplished!

So many things wrong…

/bridal shot

I’m not sure who looks more handsome

Zhalee was tired -.-

The party is dead in the first hour with everyone stuck upstairs

Zhalee: Let’s get under that arch before sundown!

Zhalee had trouble meeting him there

Zhalee: die dust spec

Zhalee: I regret nothing

Everyone was crying

Xavier: Mommy and Daddy are finally becoming legal…

*so in love*

Zhalee: I feel so complete!

Zhalee: Get that camera out of my face! I’m snotting here

Gregorio: I spiked the cake hehe sorry

Aww I lub her dress

This woman was stuck clapping.

I recently learned that when you go into CAS through cheats the person’s age resets. Might be a while before Gregorio or Xavier’s next birthday :l

They danced while the party ended.

Who could be calling at this hour??

Party at the bosses house 😀

Wedding giftsss

Zhalee: Thank you, thank you, thank you stranger that crashed my wedding, thank you!


I’ve also got opportunities to finish sooo

Hello Base Camp

The first thing that Zhalee does autonomously as we arrive in Al Simhara

Is check the sinks -_-

Zhalee: Ho ho! You shall not break on me today, sinks.

They did what people do on honeymoons first thing

Adventure time~

Zhalee: DEPRESSION! I thought this was a vacation! I don’t want to search for treasure and—.never mind.

Time for some coolio adventure clothes!

Zhalee: My ringless finger is so pretty!

I’m surprised they put the smog breather on the plane ._.

Wait! How did this turn into a date??

Lady: *monkey in the middle*

Gregorio: Gold coins?? Where’s the real treasure?

Zhalee: I’m going to let him do all the heavy lifting

Gregorio: Wow! That invisible ring on my finger is the shiniest thing in this room!

They do this a lot during the ENTIRE trip -.-

Zhalee: LAZY ASS

Gregorio: *stares ahead*

Zhalee: What’s so fancy about this place?

Zhalee: FIIREEE!!!

They finished the introductory cave pretty fast -.-

This random paparazzi dude kept giving her flowers…

Zhalee: PLEASE! I know I look like a celebrity, but I am MARRIED!

We presume to the final pyramid


Gregorio: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I actually almost lost him here o_O Zhalee was in the moonpool and he couldn’t get in and he only had like one second left when she finally crawled out. Sigh.

Zhalee: Nothing interesting in this room

Gregorio: Nothing interesting in this chest either

The grotesquely wrapped undead Sim hurled himself at our heroine, both collapsing on the ground in a heap of dust and smelly tissue. In seconds the mummy had won the fight and Zhalee had a knife moodlet while her newly wed husband still stare at a painting on the wall.

We end with that 😛 That is also the end of their vacation. There were also parts where Zhalee was testing out a camera she bought, but I forgot to take pictures x.x also, Helmut aged into a teen! And they’re only one day apart so guess who’s getting a birthday party next chapter? 😀

Thanks for reading! ^_^

  1. Madcapp said:

    Hahaha! Bachlorette party and Zhalee takes her clothes off. Priceless!

    Oooo wedding gifts! I’ve never had done that either!

    It is so stupid how any outing is turned into a date with couples. Geesh.

    • Thanks for reading! 😛 the surprise date wasn’t so bad. They didn’t do anything romantic and they got a good moodlet from it X)

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