Italy Trip Log from Spring Break 2012

Remember that trip I went to over Spring Break? I did a log on my iPod and I wanted to share it with you! 😀 Please note that I did do it on my iPod and didn’t intend to publish it until maybe the middle of the trip, so some of my thoughts should be censored…I’m sorry, it’s how I felt…

…I also have pictures that I’ll share! 😀 I’m not afraid of sharing the pictures with you, as long as nothing creepy results.

*People included: Me, my bestie Ravenn, and others that I’ll slowly introduce.

Let’s start!

Day 1

Departed from parents. Very emotional for me. I was trying my hardest not to cry, but the physical embrace of my pseudo dad caught the grief in my chest. The wait for luggage check-in was  excruciating.

See all this luggage!? THAT’S WHY…
Btw, this is my bestie Ravenn! 😀

Eventually we did board the plane after a confusing sprawl in a fast food concord terminal. I was pissed that I didn’t get the seat next to Ravenn. I wanted to see the raw emotion on her face on her first time on a plane. After we landed we had a brief break before our next flight. I stuck to my bestie.

I exchanged fifty bucks for euros but I was jipped on the return. Twenty six for fifty? Lame. Bought some candy for the flight while I was at it. Sour icebreakers, chocolate pretzels, and twix. I still feel guilty that I broke my lent resolution a week early. But it was soooo good. My god. I missed chocolate so much… We got back to the terminal just as they started boarding. Newhouse gave us some grief about it but at least we weren’t the last to show up. Primarily sat between Sheehan (teacher) and Niamani.

Niamani (left), Kya (right). Sitting next to them wasn’t so bad, don’t get me wrong.

Ravenn swapped with Sheehan once we were allowed to move…actually it was like a few minutes before that, because the seatbelt sign went out the moment Ravenn was situated. We took pictures and video logged and ecterera.

Like I said, we took photos and videos! Ravenn has the videos. Apparently I looked high in the video.

Meal came around 600 DC time. Ravenn had the chicken and I had pasta. The meal was an adventure itself. Ravenn was risking her life for that stuff. They also had cinnamon brownies, but everyone around us agreed that it was a barf clip waiting to happen.

Everyone’s mostly asleep now. I’ve been trying for a while to get in a comfortable position but I haven’t won yet. Ideas are starting to buzz in my head now that I’m in lala land.

Can’t wait to land! 2 hrs to land. My legs feel numb as heck. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep with the jet turbines roaring in my ears..

Day 2

Landed, very excited! Not much sleep, I’m living off of candy until tonight.

They drove us through Arona. It had a lot of old concrete houses and great graffiti. They let us walk around for an hour but it was a little chilly.

We tried going through various shops but they had no English! Eventually we came upon a snacks store and I bought ice cream for 2 euro. The conversation leading to that was embarrassing. The lady spoke little english and pointed to the IceCream saying “cream…eh, milk.” and I said, “gelato?” she said yes and I ordered, but I couldn’t find the prices but I couldn’t remember how to say it… “cuenta?” and the spoon was a miniature plastic shovel. Seriously? My first purchase in Italy went less than smoothly. The IceCream was still great, though.

Italian ice cream! Woot!

We’re on our way to the airport to pick up a new group now.

Got to the hotel. Its small and pretty from the outside. We have to wind through 2 staircases to get from the 1st floor to 3rd. The room is small too, and the beds were connected by a blanket.

This is where I said What the Fudge?
Woulda been hella awkward if I had a room with a guy.

We had trouble getting the iPod to charge because the hotel had electricity problems. The lights in the hallway went out every few minutes too!

Dinner wasn’t extravagant but that was okay, they gave us 3 freakin courses! Pasta for appetizer, followed by chicken and fried potatoes, but i didn’t have enough room to eat anymore! My stomach was still in a whirlwind from those chocolate pretzels..and the dessert was some chocolate/coffee cake, and I could just not eat through it.

I slept pretty well though. At least I wasn’t the one who found barf in their sheets.

Day 3

Woke up 2 minutes before the alarm went off. Morning routine went okay. I was pretty surprised when at breakfast our group was mixed at tables with the other group, unlike last night at dinner. Ravenn picked an empty table though so it felt a little isolated.

For breakfast was this flake cereal and ham/provolone sandwich. Ravenn had trouble trying to figure out the juice machine. Heh, even since now the juice is still a mystery.

It’s mystery juice, guys.

Since I woke up I’ve been trying to call home. FaceTime works but neither of my parents were awake or logged in. My dad downloaded a talkaphone app but it only works in the U.S! Oh, and I talked with Christopher (a friend back home) over Facebook. It makes me miss him and the others. Sigh.

On a bus to Venice now. We got walkies for the tour.

They’re called whispers. Apparently every tour group gets them.

We’re on a slow speedboat to Venice now. My stomach still hurts, and it’s not from motion sickness…and this darn boat needs lower windows so I can see out of them!

We watched some glassmakers first. The show was short, so it was a little boring. It was pretty cool how they shoved the liquid glass into the kiln and then smacked it to shape it. They showed us a finished glass tiki head too, and then they pushed us into the main building.

Glassmakers! Woo!

We took a tour and perused the glass items they had–stunning, they had handmade multicolored chandeliers, statues, jewelry, all that stuff.

It’s purty guys…

Then they gave us a marketing ploy where they sold wine glasses, necklaces, chokers, earrings, and bracelets. I didn’t exchange any euro yet so I was short on money. I only managed to buy a white necklace for 25 euro. I think I might actually wear it.

We took another boat ride. The city of Venice was highly hectic. It was filled with hundreds of fat pigeons in the main square. One even flew into a woman’s hair! They gave us free time once we got there.

Me and Ravenn had lunch and I exchanged 120 dollars for 80 euro. We walked around the city intent on not getting lost; most stores we went to were only a mile into the city. Those stores had almost the same merchandise but in different colors and styles. It was sad.

I love how compact everything is in here.

I bought a multicolored bracelet and a Venetian magnet. Ravenn bought a mask. We scoured the shops for a cross pendant, but the ones I saw were too colorful or playful. It seemed wrong to buy an ornamental cross since I wasn’t orthodox.

I shoulda coulda woulda. But it’s too colorful for even me..

I wanted a traditional one. The ones I did see were too expensive.

Later I had go to the bathroom but I could NOT find one. It was ridiculous. I had to ask like 2 Italian people where the nearest one was. AND there was a bathroom toll! I thought it was smart yet ridiculous. What if you didn’t have money?

A bathroom without walls.
Totally not worth the euro.

We went back to the checkpoint afterwards but Niamani and Kya (the ones in the airplane photo) were missing. They ended up being lost throughout our guided tour, which was factual but tedious. I got bored.

The only interesting things were when we were walking through the city, we saw interesting buildings and such. There was this one man on a gondola who was wearing a Viking hat and he stuck out his tongue at us so we could take pictures.

We had more free time after that. Our group visited the Dodgers Palace where they had art all over the walls and ceilings and stuff. The style was okay but a lot of the art focused on war, religion, and nudity. While we were walking there were short ceilings and a lot of people had to duck to get through the doorways. What really amused me was when Micheal (he was on the Swim Team with me, an acquaintance) just walked right through the archway and his bush squeezed to fit. That was hilarious.

What I regret was that through half of the museum I just walked through to catch up to Ravenn. I hardly looked at the art. I had interest in it, but it was obvious she didn’t. It took me a while to realize that I didn’t need to follow her to enjoy myself. Our chaperones were always behind and taking a good look at the stuff. I began to analyze the paintings while Ravenn followed the other art unappreciators.

When we got to the biggest room I stared at the ceiling for so long, my neck started hurting and I was considering laying on the floor to stare straight up. I found comfort in Stephanie, Candace, and Michael who were mature enough to enjoy the art without rushing through it.

This is the only photo I have of them together. They were all acquaintances until the museum. Now we’re friends! :3
Stephanie (blonde), Tara (1st chair on the left), Michael (Middle chair), Candace (3rd chair), Ravenn (pink hoodie)

We analyzed almost every inch of that room. I felt enlightened. I was really glad to be independent from Ravenn then. Even though she’s my best friend and I would always stick by her side, it doesnt mean I have to sacrifice my own happiness. This is my trip too.

After the palace we split again for free time. This time we went into a store to look at the murano jewelry and one of the attendants, a handsome young man, went straight for Ravenn. I never understand why they always pine for her first. I know she’s beautiful, but what am I? Her quirky BFF? Anyways, so he was doing all the moves–standing close, talking up the jewelry–but what really got me was when he clipped the bracelet around her wrist and said it was perfect. He is one charming salesman. Ravenn was bought the second she looked into his eyes. When I said something about his advances, though, he was suspicious and slyly denying everything I said as if he were incoherent. Then when I walked around to check out the rest of the store, he was working her again in the back of the store. I assumed flirting, and apparently I was correct because later on she told me that he asked her where she lived and personal stuff like that.

Later after another unsuccessful hunt at finding a decent cross, we returned to the checkpoint around 550; 10 minutes before the set time. We were last in our group. But that wasn’t the problem. It was chilly outside, and we still had to wait for the other group. They did not show up until 30 minutes later. And no apology. Damn North Caroliners.

It was raining too. Dammit.

We took a double decked boat and then a bus back to the hotel. For dinner they served pasta w/pork in the sauce, chicken covered in gravy and spinach, and this strange thick chocolate mousse. The meal was okay, but every time I eat something here in Italy I feel bloated.

After that we retired to our rooms. I finally managed to get ahold of my Dad but he was being useless during most of the conversation. I called to ask him for money for Pompeii (an optional excursion for Sunday instead of a free day in Rome). Later in the night I felt bad that the first thing I talk to him about when I finally get a hold of him is that I need more money. Well, I’ve rationed out most of what I have now, so I’m sure I won’t be getting anymore physical money. I showed him the souvenirs too and then he promised that I would get a chance to talk to Mommy at 600AM my time. I looked forward to it.

Day 4

It’s the middle of the trip and I’ve hardly felt like I’m in Italy. I woke up at 6, an hour early, to talk to my mom. I got her on the second try with FaceTime. I didn’t want to go immediately into the conversation about Pompeii because I didn’t want to make the same mistake as last night. I’ve long since learned what not to say at the wrong times. Sometimes I choose to get angry and shoot off my mouth to my parents to get them to see things my way. I would never do that to someone else. Either way I went straight to explaining the situation to my mom. My dad is hard to convince when it comes to money but my mom was all for it. She wants me to experience everything and understands that I can’t do anything in Rome. Except, she thinks that I’ll be stuck in the hotel all day if I don’t choose the pompeii excursion. The real reason is because our free day in Rome is on Sunday and almost all the shops will be closed. Ravenn and I agreed to go if I got the money, but our chaperones said we need 16 people in total to qualify for a bus and only 9 have signed up, not including me.

Anyway, I didn’t explain in detail to my mom about Pompeii but I think it’s okay; if I said anymore she wouldn’t have agreed. The next dilemma was that I have no way to pay for the 110 dollars for the excursion. Ravenn has a debit card that her mom could refill, she’s fine… All I have is the money on my back. Our chaperone said that we could pay with credit cards, so after a scramble for finding a writing utensil and settling on Ravenn’s eyeliner pencil, I copied the numbers and stuff onto a napkin and hung up. My mom was too tired to talk anymore so I guess we’ll talk later.

At breakfast they had the same stuff as yesterday, but this time I stuck my neck out and risked my tongue to taste the mystery juice Ravenn had. It was awful. It tasted like liquid sweet tarts, only more tangeriney.

We sat with our dinner friends this time with Michael right across from us. He wanted to give the mystery juice a taste but he ended up getting the wrong one from the same machine. Common mistake, since none of us could understand any of the two labels. After he finished his dark red mystery juice he went and got our peachy colored one. He said it was citrusy.

Yeah, okay. I still should’ve went for the water.

We packed up our stuff and stored our luggage on the bus and now were on a long ride to Florence. Earlier we made a pit stop at some rest stop on the highway and I saw German chocolate that I bought back home! I was tempted to buy it, but my stomach still feels like crap from those chocolate pretzels.

German chocolate in Italian! I have hope to eat some!

I guess I haven’t gotten use to chocolate yet after quitting it cold turkey. Look at me, talking like a drug addict…

Florence was alright. We arrived their and walked a ton. Our tour guide gave us a few hours of free time and we walked around a little, and there were IceCream stores everywhere!

We did a guided tour as well and visited a basilica. I took lots of pictures.

Here’s one!
Rock that sign, Florence corner!

In front of the Duormo, I believe.

We got three hours of free time afterwards. Ravenn and I walked around and browsed shops but everything was out of our price range. After 2 hrs we ran out of things to do and returned to the square in hopes of finding people.

They were sitting at this statue place, so we joined for a while. I wasn’t satisfied with just sitting there and wasting time like everyone else, so I walked around the square solo.

And then somehow, to break the ice, our group joined in the others’ game of ninja! It was entertaining to watch and attracted a small crowd. Even some Brits came but they were in LOVE with our guy Jaylin (he’s interested in men.).

It was fun for the time being. Afterwards the guide took us to dinner at a restaurant; stale bread, pasta (and yet NO spahgetti), chicken & potatoes, and weird tasting cake. Apparently it was someone’s birthday too.

Now we’re in our new hotel in the heart of the city, a few blocks away from the basilica; came with some drama, ugh.

We were roomed with the “popular” sophomores who annoy the hell outta me. Okay, Tony is alright, but her friends really snap my nerves. They were planning on sneaking out tonight to hang out in Florence. Her and her slutty (*Okay, they weren’t slutty, what they wore was more like it) friends wore their see-through tops and spanks and left with their tenth grade pancake chests and narrow hips.

Okay, I lie, they’ve got developed bodies. But obviously their brains have not matured with them. It was impossible to get any sleep with those 4 in the room giggling and devising their plots of getting around the chaperones. Well they forgot one thing; we have the key to the room. The second they left we locked their asses out of the room and had a peaceful sleep.

Which is another lie because we could hear their ruckus from the windows. Ugh.

Day 5

Today was our free day in Florence. We had the whole day to ourselves–aside from the Ufizzi which I had paid for yesterday to see. Any form of art museum I was ready to go to.

I woke up to an empty room, aside from Ravenn. I assumed the sophomores had never returned, or they knocked on the door and neither of us were awake to hear it. Didn’t matter to me, I had ear plugs in the whole time…

We went down to breakfast. They had less appealing choices than the other hotel and their were few participants. A lot of people slept in and missed the free cereal and croissants. After breakfast we gathered in one of the nearby sitting rooms and discussed what would happen on Sunday on our free day in Rome. Since most shops would be closed for Easter, Mrs. Sheehan had the idea to take us to the catacombs. I’ve played them in Sims 3 and was sparked by the idea. The fee was 20 euros. I seriously hope I have enough money to buy a real item in Rome–a dress, a shirt, a pair of shoes, I don’t know. I’m tired of expensive souvenirs.

We left shortly after because we were to meet back up at the hotel later for the Ufizzi. Ravenn and I walked around a bit and I bought a red crocadile belt from a tourist stand, and Ravenn gave me plenty of grief about it. I like it enough to accept the 10 euro fee as not a waste.

Florentine market = cramped.

We walked around some more but somehow got lost. I knew we weren’t lost–I knew where we were–I just couldn’t figure out where we were on the map.

On the bright side–found a candy shop! 😀

We got back to the hotel in time and then joined everyone on the walk to the Ufizzi. The Ufizzi…it was an eyeful. There was so much to look at. I was being a true artist and analyzed every piece instead of breezing through like the last place. I didn’t understand most of it. There was a lot of nudity and generic faces that it stung to analyze every single piece without saying that I’ve seen it before. The ceiling was painted too, and there was so much to look at that I’m not satisfied with the time I had there.

Later we broke again to have our free time. Ravenn and I took a trip around Florence again and we headed to the market place this time since our chaperones recommended it. We didn’t get lost this time. The market was big and lively and Ravenn fell in love with a Joker sweatshirt she found.

There was a lot of great stuff, but I couldn’t splurge with the little amount of euros I had left. I wanted to be sure that I had plenty left for Rome. When 5 o’clock came around we started heading back to the hotel.

I wanted to buy an hour of wifi, since the hotel would not let you use it without paying. I used 5 euro to buy an hour, and then our chaperone came back and said that dinner was around 6:50, which was way later than what they had said before. While we waited for others to show up to relay the message, I went on the computer that had little English. I never did figure out how to change the language.

I’m getting mixed signals here. I met this guy, Dominique (Domo for short), last year through my friend Ling, who moved to New Jersey the day after her birthday. On her birthday me and some of her friends (including Ravenn) went to the mall. At the mall Domo bought Ling a DIAMOND necklace from one of the jewelry stores. Do you know how sweet that was? He used his real, hard earned money to buy something of such value. This isn’t TV where you can go through a montage and make bank. He really cared for her. Which is why a year later, today’s situation confuses me. Or maybe I’m over analyzing it. Big possibility. He referred to me as “cute person” at least twice and I don’t get called that often, so it makes me suspicious.

He showed us his shoes he bought at Ferrari, too. We went up to his dorm to talk to his friends, and he led me in by the shoulders, then he made me drag him in! And I refused to fall! I don’t know why, I just felt like I had to prove my strength and trudge forward while his ass weighed me down. I won and threw him off. When it was time to leave, he did the sickest thing–he shoved me into his smelly bathroom after he finished using it! Disgusting!

See why I say mixed signals?? But luckily I snapped the door shut before he got me in there, and I ran out the rest of the way. Ravenn left behind me saying “you scarred my friend for life!”.

We hung outside the hotel with gelato while we waited for time to pass. Dinner was alright. They gave us beans and tomato chunks on hard slabs of bread, pasta shells with broccoli sauce, and slices of banana cream cake, which a lot of people passed to one of the North Caroliner guys. That was pretty funny too, because waiters came around with extra slices for people who gave away their cake.

There was something that bothered me. I know it’s probably not my business, but Ravenn hardly ate anything, and the food was good. When I asked her about it, she said “Don’t you know? I’m skinny, I don’t eat.”. That was probably the vainest thing I’ve ever heard her say, because she’s constantly complaining that she can never gain enough weight no matter what she eats, and now I know why…She never eats! She’s picky just like my sister, except she’ll eat a little and then stop. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her finish her plate before. And all she eats at lunch at school are snacks like chips and cookies.

I hate when she complains because I eat a lot, I’m not picky, and I’d lick off the plate if I could. And because of that, I’m not the ideal weight, the ideal stature, nothing. But I’m healthy, right? I guess I shouldn’t complain. Not eating makes me unhappy. If eating small to stay small is what keeps Ravenn content, even though she’ll complain, then fine. I’ll figure out how to change her soon enough.

We’re still best friends, no matter what problems arise to me…

Before bedtime  Ravenn and I headed over to Domo’s room for a game of UNO with Kya, Niamani, Reginald, Tavius, and the other guys name that I couldn’t quite recall. (Reginald and Tavius are acquaintances.)

Domo slept in our room (…in MY bed) while we were there. We couldn’t finish the game because Mrs. Sheehan was doing room checks.

The sophomores from my room aren’t that bad, I guess. My first impression of them was a little too extreme. I just hate when those younger than you think they can get away with anything.

Day 6

Woke up to a late alarm. I had the weirdest…stupidest dream. But that’s for another story. Lets just say my dad paid someone I knew for a long time to date me, I failed a very important test by 6 points because of my sucky essays while getting the multiple choice mostly correct, and I apparently attempted suicide in a hot tub. There were like, 2 interventions.

Aside from my dreams, we’re leaving for Assisi and Rome today. I woke up to the sophomores already showering. They were actually pretty chill and looked out for us, and even the “leader” said she wanted my hair.

I guess they’re not that bad. Sneaking out at night was one of their stupidest moves, though. It’ll probably take me a while to get over it.

We’re still driving now, after the short breakfast and pit stop. Assisi was a quaint town that was built on a god-awful hill we had to climb. Almost half the roads either had a steep incline or decline and my feet felt like it was walking on needles!

The streets could only hold one car, so it was confusing to walk around in. We finally stopped at the square and were told to meet that at the St. Francesco Basilica. That was aaaallll the way downhill.

We couldn’t take pictures inside, boo.

After finding lunch and spending the last of my exchanged money, we started downwards and checked out most of the souvenirs shops. Most shops had St. Francesco statues, magnets, cards, ecetera. I finally found an affordable cross that was decently styled. It consists of white and blue gems and was priced at 6 euros. I had to borrow from Ravenn since I only had 5 left from lunch. They didn’t have anywhere to exchange around here. I should’ve changed the rest in Florence.

During the whole hunt for souvenirs we were also looking for some kind of bird objects. Every store had owls but Ravenn didn’t like them. She could’ve easily bought an owl but no, she’s got explicit taste.

At 2 we met at the huge church and was taken in a room to be explained about it since they couldn’t do the guided tour in the church. The guide guy was pretty cool and funny.

Inside the church you were not allowed to bring food or drinks, take pictures, or expose shoulders or leg. They also had a thing about us being silent. It’s understandable, since it was a place of prayer. I felt a little awkward and wasn’t sure if I should cross myself or put on the new cross I bought. I saw Mrs. Sheehan cross herself and I respected that. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do since there were so many of my peers around. I wasn’t comfortable with my catholic religion outside of my own church.

We left Assisi after a quick tolled bathroom break (0,60€?! Really?!) and now we’re back on the bus to Rome.

Ravenn and I did a quick review of our pictures and I made it a point to count how many times she did her signature pose–shoulders down, neck up, chin and jaw pointed up as she looks down at the camera.

Like this one,

And this one.

She disproved my theory of her poses. I didn’t find many, though, but I swore that half her pictures were in that pose. I would know, since I’m her photographer.

We ate at a pizza place for dinner, eating with Shawn, who acted like a jerky king of the table, Stephanie, the queen, Michael, the son, Tara, mom of the queen, Candace, whose title I didn’t remember, and Ravenn.

Stephanie (left), Michael (middle), Tara (the arm)

I had a lot of fun at that table. The combination of people was awesome. During the whole time ‘King Shawn’ was trying to play kill his son (“Michael”) across from him at the other end of the head of the table! And he catapulted a wadded up napkin into my water!

Laughs aside, we moved on to our last hotel. It had limited wifi, so it was only accessible near the lobby and before 11pm. We had a whole debacle trying to switch our rooms around because Ravenn and me didn’t want to room with Bridgette and Tony again. We wanted to room with Niamani and Kya. Shannon, their roommate, was perfectly fine with switching but Devany, their other roommate, refused to move. We had a great place to move her and everything, and everyone was cool with it, but not her.

So Ravenn came up with the most complicated plan. Move Shannon into our room. Move Kowkwy into our room. Move Stephanie, Tara, and Candace into Niamani and Kyas room. Then, move N, K, me, and Ravenn into STCs old room.

Basically, the only one not moving was Devany.

Truth be told, my bestie does come up with brilliant plans once in a while. Afterwards Mrs. Sheehan made all of us take a walk with her out on town. It was awesome.

For maximum security we looped arms with each other, and I was with either Candace, Stephanie, Tara, or Ravenn. It was so much fun. Stephanie and her friends were a riot to walk with, and I was so glad to have a chance to start a friendship with them. I had met Stephanie in anime club in freshman year, but I had never gotten to know her. She’s a bunch of fun and I hope we don’t drift apart because she’s a senior.

After that rejuvenating walk around town we returned to the hotel. Our room transformed into some sort of party because we had a whole bunch of our friends and acquaintances together and playing apples to apples.

Ha, our room was the party room that night.

I ended up folding around 12 so I could get some sleep, but I wasn’t able to kick out my strays until a half hour later. Despite my small sleep, I was content.

Day 7

Breakfast was at 7 on the 7th floor. My legs died on the way there. They had more variety here surprisingly. I had some kind of tangy pie and graham crackers.

We continued to the tour and did a lot of walking and site seeing. First we went to Vatican city to check out the museum. Our tour guide for that place was a admittingly handsome young man named John Luigi. He had a lot of background knowledge on wars and history and took us on a 3 hour tour through the artwork.

I got an eyeful and felt just as dizzy as the Ufizzi.

This was on the ceiling.
My eyes still hurt from looking at so much art..

Afterwards we got free time. I was finally able to change my my money over to euros, but she only gave me half! What a rip off!

Anyway, I bought a fan. The Vatican souvenir shops were highly religious so I saw the Pope’s face everywhere on almost everything.

After the vatican we went to the coliseum. Ravenn kept on taking pictures but I didn’t understand her fascination with it. I honestly think she took too many landscape pictures.

The coliseum was mighty huge. I imagine that’s what a Pokemon coliseum would look like, if it still had marble seats.

I guess it was too bright to see the rest of the coliseum behind us?

Then we visited the Roman Forum–funniest thing happened–I felt a drop of water on my head, and then like 3 seconds later, SNAP! It starts to rain as if someone started a shower! I found it hilarious while Ravenn was pessimistic about it. I had to ballet-walk around the mud and hop on stones so the bottom of my jeans wouldnt get dirty. Even though my mom tailored it so that it wasn’t so long, it still ended up being longer than my height.

I didn’t really remember much in Rome, considering I’m writing this from the next day. I’m exhausted from all the walking. I flattened out my padded sandals!

Dinner turned out ordinary since we couldn’t sit with our new friends. I still have mixed feelings about a few guys on the trip. Well, except Shawn. He’s a deadbeat jerk and he knows it. He may be handsome but I wish he’d do something more with his life. He used to be messing with Ravenn, and she keeps fighting back and getting hurt, and now he’s moving on to me a little. I ignore it. He pokes my neck and calls me pudgy. Go to hell, deadbeat.

God, now I’m angry. I’m sorry.

That’s him on the left.

That was uncalled for.

Day 8

Today is Easter!

We’re all going to mass at the Vatican. I was a little concerned because not everyone is a type of Christian, but it turned out okay.

We walked through a giant arch and followed the crowd to the center of the square. The Pope’s altar was set up at one of the gigantic buildings with the statues standing around the roof. The altar was super far, including the pews that were completely filled when we got there. It was totally crowded. We had to go through a security point to get any closer. We were still far behind the TV video crane from there! We stood and listened to the service, but it was all in another language and the music was just them singing hallelujah.

I couldn’t zoom in on him! WHY SO FAR AWAY??

Classic example of rude Americans: several teenagers asleep on top of each other on the ground during a worldwide Easter service. Yeah. That was them. I wasn’t very embarrassed since I wasn’t that close to them, but it still was offensive to me. The least they could do was stay awake. Some people even passed by and took pictures of them sleeping! I disclaim them.

After mass we hung around a bit and then walked to a gigantic square with statue fountains and stuff. Since it was our last day I wanted to spend all my euros. I bought scarfs for myself and my mom, gold and silver colored ‘Rome’ mugs, and a wooden rosary for my mom. Well, I think it’s wood. It’s red and smells like roses, so it could be roses.

During free time Ravenn got her portrait done by one of the street artists. We had to choose wisely, so I directed her to the best affordable one. I regret the decision instantly. I was watching him draw her the entire time–for one, he got her nose wrong! It was way too thin in the nostrils area, and too thick with the bridge! Even I wouldn’t make that mistake…I would’ve pointed it out too, but I felt like we had caused him enough trouble for today.

See, a customer before Ravenn wanted her portrait done, but she was already in line, so she had to argue with the artist to get her turn. The other customer just left. So, the artist was angry. Anyway, he got her jaw wrong too–too smooth, not angular enough–and her eyes weren’t pointed correctly at the ends. I wasn’t very satisfied with how inaccurate he was, but the portrait was still really pretty.

We visited the Pantheon and the Trevi fountain too.

We’re at the Trevi fountain here!

We visited a different square too, and I bought a big snow globe for almost half the price! I was so happy, walked away like 5 steps–and dropped the bag it was in. The globe cracked like an egg. And the vendors saw everything.

But they were generous, and let me have a smaller version to compensate for the one I broke. I’m still a little sad.

After dinner, we returned back to our hotels to pack. I went to sit in the hallway for wifi, and Jarez walked by and asked why I was sitting there looking as if I was kicked out of my room. I thought it was pretty sweet that he was actually talking to me, because he never does.

This is Jarez. He intentionally grew his hawk like that.
He’s “Mr.Cool guy” most of the time. My friend Kya thinks he’s full of himself all the time.
It’s probably true.

Also, when I was using FaceTime with my mom, Domo kept trying to interrupt to meet her. He’s being weird. I’m getting mixed signals here…

Well, we leave for the airport at 5:30, and technically, it’s already Day 9 since its 12:09am. Good night!

Day 9

It feels good to finally head home. I woke up around 4:30 somewhat exhausted. It took me a few minutes to get out of bed. We packed everything last night so all I worried about was changing. After a quick inspection of the room my roommates and I joined the others in the lobby a few minutes before 5:30.

We jumped head first into the briskly chilly Roman morning and boarded the new bus. They gave us a cruddy breakfast–chocolate Danish for me and peach juice, cold hard croissant for Ravenn–and we headed to the airport.

We went through the check-in/security routine, but I got pulled aside…for hoarding a water bottle. And then the lady took this tiny piece of wet wipes or something and rubbed it on my bag, then ran it through a scanner. I was spooked that I’d go to jail for something I didn’t have or something…but she let me through.

We boarded the plane around 8:45am. I didn’t get a seat remotely near Ravenn, but I got the seat next to Niamani. And the seats had little TVs with free music and movies and tv shows!

Well, at least I think it’s free. The credit card slot on the screen remote concerns me. Well, I already watched Rio, soooo…

I was on this thing the entire 10 hrs. Seriously.

Oh, and they gave us a paper to write our information and what we brought from Italy. There are only 6 slots to write items so I had to put it in categories like “kiosk souvenirs” and “religious items”. My total came up to about 135 U.S. dollars. Double my number, and that’s how much Ravenn spent, heh…

We got back home in peace. This ends the log.

Here’s some more pictures! 😀

This horse in Florence couldn’t reach his food bag with his mouth! D:

Some acquaintances and friends.
From left to right:
Tavius, Tara, Michael (ignoring whoever is behind them, because I can’t see who it is), and Domo.

Day 9 Airport!
Left to Right:
Domo, Me, Stephanie.

I guess I should end it with this picture.
Besties forever!

So how was our adventure? 😀 Thanks for reading! Comment if you wish!

  1. Madcapp said:

    That sign was hilarious! Ha!
    And all the glass work looks phenominal. So beautiful!

    Wow, the colleseum! I want to travel the world so badly, you don’t even know.
    I loved your pictures. Looks like a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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