Rolex Legacy 2.5

Hey guys! I’m SO SO SORRY for the lack of updates. If I haven’t already said it, my computer is crap. I can’t even OPEN…okay, I can OPEN the Rolex file, but it’s frozen. Press play, it crashes. These pictures have been sitting for a few months now waiting for publication, and I figured, why not get these out of the way?

Last time:: Heck, even I can’t remember! D: Vavony grew to a child, was sent off to boarding school, Vlad and Vavony grew into teens, Ulmanac was born and aged to a toddler, Digger #2 died, and now…I think that’s it.

BY THE WAY, We are on GENERATION 2, WHITLEA ROLEX is HEIR, and she has 3 children, TEENS Vlad and Vavony (a clone of Whitlea), and a toddler named ULMANAC.



The ‘rents went out for a shady free vacation. Now Vlad and Vavony get to learn what its like to be their parents, taking care of Ulmanac and leaving their laundry everywhere so I have to pick it up…

Vlad: Cleaning mom’s horse isn’t so bad! Heh…EWW A FLY FLEW IN MY NOSE.

Volvo: >.>


Despite only a few hours of newfound responsibility, Vlad manages to sleep…on his glitched bed.


Vavony: See how I’m responsible? I’m keeping the teen party on the roof instead of in the house!


Our guests come along in that horrid shirt.


But Vavony’s friend from last chapter arrives in time for her to ask him to prom!

Thomas: Dance crotch dance!

Vavony: o_o..


Thomas: Is this a BIRTHDAY party?! OMGEEE!!


Other guests…cackle?

Girl: Muhahaha! Silly girl has invited me to her party! Now I shall ruin it!


Vavony: I heard a lot about you! What’s this about your story progression girlfriend streak?

Thomas: It lied! D:

Vavony: Really? Then let’s go to prom together!


Thomas: I’m so in love…WITH MYSELF!

I’m pretty sure he’s not face-one, but Virgil fooled me and I can be fooled again ._.


I like how there were at least 3 couples dancing. Usually everyone just stands around.


Here comes the man in tidy-whities, Vlad!


Greet your alien cousin somewhere on the tree. Yes.


Vlad: Hey Kizzy, there isn’t anything inappropriate in my talk bubble 😉

Kizzy: TEEN WOO-HOO!…Uhm what?


Stop it. Stop being pretty 😛

Wait. Wasn’t she just wearing glasses?


He asked her to prom. Since Thomas and Vavony’s relationship was pretty low and he still said yes, then I was pretty sure Vlad would be set. Later in story progression Kizzy finds a boyfriend before prom though.


The party lasted well into the morning because the cops NEVER came! D:


Vlad: It…won’t…flush…

Pat: You call that a deuce!? What do you think Kizzy will think!? She won’t love a man who can’t use a toilet properly! FAIL FAIL FAIL!!


In Yohan’s (Whitlea’s awesomesauce bro) house, his children continue to be beautiful! This is Clara, child #3!


And Yohan’s first kid Adrianne has gone YA! I LOVE HER SO MUCH! D: JOIN THE HEIR RACE PLEEASEEE.


Parents are home…fast.

Virgil: We rode in the ice cream truck and we’re still hungry! D:

Whitlea: I swear if Vavony’ trashed the house…


Whitlea & Virgil: *holds something*

Whitlea: Vav–

Vavony: Gotta go to school! Bye mom!


Virgil: She’s a genius, you know. So you can trust her.

Whitlea: She’d be smart to cover the evidence.

Virgil: Toast apples?


The repo creepo waits at the door. WE  PAYED THE BILLS BEFORE YOU GOT HERE. So git.


Vlad: I look hot in a skirt!

Vavony: As I do in an orange hoodie. -.-


Op, looks like repo creepo came back.

Repo: I’m going to take…their POOL!


He went for my decorative clutter! D:


Ulmanac: I know what you took mister, and you won’t get away with this. *glare*


Hora de Prom!


Someone’s miss…..


Never mind!


While the teens went off to prom, Ulmanac started sparkling! This is only because the game was  getting far too laggy for him to be brought to the cake.


Ulmanac: What was my trait again?

Derp. Dunno. I haven’t played this file in months.

Unfortunately, this is how far I got before my computer threw me the bird. I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I get a new computer that can actually handle my games—maybe another month, or longer—and lowering the graphics setting does nothing to the Rolex file. I can’t play them with custom content off either, because half of their house is CC.

So, until next time…

And thank you for coming back and reading! :3

  1. Madcapp said:

    I hope you can get a new pc soon. That sucks. 😦

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