Rolex Legacy

Happy New Year! 😀 For this occasion, we have a super long chapter! Also because I got lazy and nothing is in sequence so hundreds of things happen at once. Yay for disorganization!



Fall has come around! Virgil and Whit are having a race to see who can make the biggest pile.

Virgil won D: Read More


Hey guys! 😀 This is the last chapter until our next heir takes over! This generation felt way too long…

And I got Seasons! AHHHHHHHHH!! X) It’s so much fun. The different seasons are soo refreshing. It’s too bad that most of the festivities only happen around Fall and Winter. Season’s won’t be showing up in the pictures until later.




Vlad and Vavony graduated immediately after their birthdays. Read More

Hey everyone! 😀

Still no luck on the new laptop that can play Sims. Good news though—I got a 4.1 last quarter, which means my parents promise to get me an alienware! 😀 I’m hoping they’ll get it on Black Friday or for my Christmas gift. Either is fine with me. No Seasons or Supernatural tho D:

And good news! This update is brought to you by Nraas Porter, who moved the Rolex’s to Starlight Shores on a completely vanilla game. It’s playable now on every lowest setting possible, but it’ll just be a little less exciting.


I couldn’t fit a 60×60 lot anywhere, so I had to go with the second largest. Vlad and his dad lost their custom hairs, and Ulmanac needs to be aged up again.

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Hey guys! I’m SO SO SORRY for the lack of updates. If I haven’t already said it, my computer is crap. I can’t even OPEN…okay, I can OPEN the Rolex file, but it’s frozen. Press play, it crashes. These pictures have been sitting for a few months now waiting for publication, and I figured, why not get these out of the way?

Last time:: Heck, even I can’t remember! D: Vavony grew to a child, was sent off to boarding school, Vlad and Vavony grew into teens, Ulmanac was born and aged to a toddler, Digger #2 died, and now…I think that’s it.

BY THE WAY, We are on GENERATION 2, WHITLEA ROLEX is HEIR, and she has 3 children, TEENS Vlad and Vavony (a clone of Whitlea), and a toddler named ULMANAC.



The ‘rents went out for a shady free vacation. Now Vlad and Vavony get to learn what its like to be their parents, taking care of Ulmanac and leaving their laundry everywhere so I have to pick it up…

Vlad: Cleaning mom’s horse isn’t so bad! Heh…EWW A FLY FLEW IN MY NOSE.

Volvo: >.> Read More

Hi guys! I finished my pokemon fanfic of 200k words and now I’m totally dedicated on Sims! 😀 Let’s go! Last time Zhalee and Gregorio died, Vavony was born and is now a toddler, and Vlad grew into a child. Continuing::


Hey! I just told you to go to bed! Why are you still up?

Vlad: You’re not my mommy! NEH!

>.< Teenagers.

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Last time Yohan returned to town, Whit & Virgil went on their honeymoon in France, their under appreciated dog Digger died, and the first baby of generation 3, Vlad, was born. Continuing::


AND…this would be meaningful if the game hadn’t crashed and this had really happened. *headmeetdesk*

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Hola! Last time Whitlea joined the Rider career, entered a race, and got engaged and married! And good news!


Look whose back! :D:D They came from an alternate save file of the Rolex town where Daisy’s hair mysteriously changed to one of the Egyptian style. I was too lazy to change it.

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