I finally figured out how to upload a Sim! I’m going to be downloading them on Sims3.com, and don’t worry, they will all be free of custom content.

Generation One

Download Here
*Skin used for Zhalee – Peggyzone

Download Here
*Skin – Peggyzone

Generation Two

Download Here
*Skin – Peggyzone

Download here 
*Skin – Peggyzone

 Download here
*Skin – Peggyzone

Generation 3

**Request for downloads
*Skin – Peggyzone unless stated otherwise

Card-Gen-3-Vlad_thumb.jpgGen 3 Age up Vlad

Card-Gen-3-Vavony_thumb.jpgGen 3 Age up Vavony

Card-Gen-3-Ulmanac.jpgGen 3 Age up Ulmanac


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