Last time Yohan returned to town, Whit & Virgil went on their honeymoon in France, their under appreciated dog Digger died, and the first baby of generation 3, Vlad, was born. Continuing::


AND…this would be meaningful if the game hadn’t crashed and this had really happened. *headmeetdesk*

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Hola! Last time Whitlea joined the Rider career, entered a race, and got engaged and married! And good news!


Look whose back! :D:D They came from an alternate save file of the Rolex town where Daisy’s hair mysteriously changed to one of the Egyptian style. I was too lazy to change it.

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Hey there! 😀 I’ve got AP exams next week so what’s the best way to procrastinate? SIMS!

Last time Whitlea grew up, graduated, ecetera. She got a legacy tattoo that disappeared, grr. But the reigns have been passed! Also, our founder got old! D: And Yohan moved out! BUT. YOHAN IS MISSING.




Aside from that, I’ve expanded Whit’s room since I’m too lazy to boot my founding couple out of their teeny room and fix that. So, included in this room,

From left to right; Chinese Dresser, ‘Most Popular’ Award, huge abstract painting (CC), bedside table of things (I can’t see it too well to tell you what’s on top), Bed (CC), hourglass end table, cheap radio system, clothes basket, and plant in the lower left corner. Oh, and the rug on the floor (CC).

The painting in the back was from the wallpapers 😀

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Allow me to interrupt your day for a few seconds.

Umm, excuse me EA, something is missing.


Please someone help! T.T I only moved Yohan out last chapter and open the game to this! He’s not here at all! If you know how to get him back with anything Twallan please direct me to a link…the Rolex’s cannot continue with this atrocity >.<


Thank you for your time ^_^’

Hey there! 😀 Long time no see! We’re finally passing the torch to Generation 2! 😀 That might mean more in an ISBI, but since this is just a regular challenge, it’ll be like nothing changed!

BTW, if the new background bugs anyone, just say so. I couldn’t figure out how to get it like it did with Zhalee’s.

Anyway, last time gnomes died, Whitlea started paying more attention to our horse Volvo and trained him in our yard, we met Yohan’s love interest now girlfriend Daisy, Yohan grew up and graduated and joined the acrobat career, Whitlea went through a whirlwind to keep her love interest/best friend single and they went to prom together and became official, Zhalee met a unicorn, and a dog named Digger was adopted to…dig!


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Bonjourno! 😀 Welcome back! Good news; MY COMPUTER ISN’T CRASHING! As much. See, I’m realizing that my computer will only crash when there are Sim-cluster spots. So, no school shots.

Last time, Whitlea and Volvo grew up an age level, Gregorio Xavier got engaged to Lesley, knocked her up, got married, and moved out, and the teens went to prom with romantic interests! I invited the interests over this time and am pleasantly surprised…Continuing::


Great way to start off a chapter right? 😛 Boo-yah! Teen bonding time with audience!

Audience: BOOOooo

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Hola! Open-mouthed smile Sorry for the long wait! My computer is having a Dasmx86dll.dll issue again. Anyway…last time, everyone aged up a level (minus Whitlea), Xavier graduated/got a job in school so it was like he never left, and we adopted a male foul named Volvo! Then, Yohan had a raging teen party, only to have the computer crash and have us start all over again! Well!

Also, I have Showtime now! Open-mouthed smile Weehee!

(also I advise that whoever has trouble reading the tiny script like I do, press “ctrl+”.)


We tried the party again. I finally remembered her name! It’s Demetria.

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