Adding to Sims that I write for fun, I do have stories that I write traditionally. Most are Pokemon fanfics on, under Lunary Canary. I don’t mind sharing them! ūüėÄ In fact, I encourage anyone who wants to read them!

Completed – 6/24/12

Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-fi, Romance, Humor, Drama.

Eastward takes place in the Summer of 3011, following a ragtag team of teens from all over Unova who have never stepped past the boundaries of their technology-saturated lives. A tour through Hoenn has brought them to new cultures, and without their fancy iPads or laptops or anything else electronic, it isn’t far before someone begins to crack. Only, they didn’t expect their adventure to have a run in with human-pokemon hybrids and long-lost aliens.

Follow Daniel Bay, a lovesick pokemon ranger home to the¬†Hoenn region. He’s torn between proposing to his off-and-on girlfriend and the fear of being shot down. He’s assigned to five teenagers: Ashka, a girl from White Forest with¬†a bark as furious as her bite, a natural leader who stands to misplace Daniel himself; Gerard, Ashka’s best friend who merrily stands as her rock and brings her back to reality; Lexi, the amazingly beautiful, supportive optomist who is¬†instantly targeted by Ashka the second they clash; James, the high-tech kid who¬†finds¬†himself¬†too socially awkward to realize that he is¬†among friends. Lastly is Irene, who is always¬†so wild and crazy, its a wonder what is up her sleeve…


Chapter One – Baby Steps

Keycard held above the ignition scanner, Daniel started the hover car. Well, tried to. The engine was still off and the wheel-less four-seater car remained on the ground outside of the hotel he rented. Daniel frowned and swiped his keycard across the scanner again. And again. He gave out a long groan and hopped out of his top-less car, ignoring the door that slid automatically open for him. He stomped to the trunk and wrenched it open with enough force to rip the metal off its hinges. He stared at the Panpour sitting next to his supply bag. Said Panpour looked up innocently as she played with the Hawaiian flower necklace around her neck.

“Pita,” Daniel started calmly as she sat under his shadow, “The car won’t start with you in the trunk. GET OUT.”

Pita laughed and jumped onto his shoulder, causing him to nearly topple into the trunk from the weight. He hurriedly threw her off his shoulder and shut the trunk.

“God Pita, you’re not as light as fifth grade. Don’t hop on my shoulder!”

Pita laughed and jumped into the passenger seat of the car just as Daniel slid into the driver’s seat. He messed with a few buttons on the control panel, using the auto pilot feature to pinpoint his destination. Finally, he took his keycard and scanned over the ignition. The hover car roared to life and started rising up into the air. Daniel whooped and put up his arms like he was on a rollercoaster ride, but just as they took off the car slammed into the tree in front of it and dropped again. Daniel and Pita involuntarily jumped in their seats from the impact. The parachute automatically unwinded from the middle of the car and fell on top of them. Then the airbags exploded out from their hidden compartments.

Rage boiling, Daniel let out a tiny little sigh. “Pita, this day just isn’t working out for me. Want to go back to sleep?”

Pita gave an enthusiastic nod. They both looked over to Daniel’s side of the car where two figures were silhouetted behind the draping parachute. One was definitely a pok√©mon with a long tail with parallelograms at the end of it. He groaned again. It was Megan and her Flygon.

“Daniel~” She sang on the other side of the fabric between them. “Wakey wakey! Let’s not repeat what I had to do to you in our first few years of Ranger college to get your ass up.” She was smirking on the other side. He knew it.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Yeah I would. We’re late.”

“Late means the plane left. It isn’t even time for breakfast.” He protested.

“To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. I’m never late.” She recited. Just as her serious tone came, it disappeared. She quickly gave a calm, “I’m not going to blow up your car, alright? Let’s go.” She and Flygon peeled back the parachute, suddenly blinding Daniel and Pita from the new sunlight. D√©j√† vu from a few weeks ago in Mossdeep, where he was working as a daycare guardian. After that night he and Megan took a plane to Unova where they were trained on what to do and how to do it. Forget GPS. He had the whole route memorized.

After climbing out of the ruined rental hovercraft, Daniel finally took notice to Megan’s clothes. She was already wearing the official Ranger uniform that they were given during training. It consisted of a gold scoop neck bathing suit, which cut off near the hips for the leg area. Her tiny black shorts with the gold belt looped around it hardly covered up anything, to his hidden delight. On top of that she had the white sleeveless vest with the “Summer Trek 3011” logo on the back, and white boots that stuck to her legs like a second skin. Her white and gold capture styler was hooked to her belt.

“Quit staring.” She said with a sheepish frown. She added a light shove to her demand.

“You’re killing me here.” He said, unable to take his eyes off her. “Besides, I’m wearing the exact same thing…well, except my shorts are longer, and I’m not wearing boots.”

“Wanna swap then?” She shot back with a toothy grin. He sent her a playful glare and placed his hands in his pockets. He was scanning the car now, wondering how much he’d have to pay for damaging a rental.

“Let’s just head to the damn airport. Do you have room for two on your magic Flygon?” He asked, turning away from the car, as if the sight burned him. Pita jumped out of the car and began to ride on Flygon’s antennas.

“All aboard!” Megan replied, ignoring the sigh from her pok√©mon.

After the quick ride through Nimbasa City, nearly ramming into the famous old Ferris Wheel and other flying hovercrafts, the duo arrived at a chaotic teen-filled airport lobby. The walls and any escape routes were invisible at this point from the mass of people. Other rangers in the same uniform were standing on chairs, trying to have an advantage over the crowd, and were yelling names off a list they held. Flygon and Pita were returned into their pokéballs.

“Told you we were late.” Was the last of what Megan had said before she squeezed into the hormonal crowd. Daniel was helpless without her and tried to locate her, but with all the random pok√©mon, yelled instructions, and random blue holograms floating about, it was a lost cause to try and find her. When he tried to penetrate the crowd, he ended up getting smacked by some teens and found himself back to where he started.

This is ridiculous, he thought to himself as he tried to look over the heads in the crowd. Even then he couldn’t hear his own thoughts. He spotted the director at the head of baggage check, where he was making sure the rangers had their whole group and made it to the security scanners safely. He mustered up some strength. Now he wasn’t as confused as these city brats.

“Move aside! Make way! I need to get through!” He yelled loudly, pushing past all the bodies and bags towards the end of the corridor. Surprisingly, everyone parted like the red sea. It was like they only responded when you pulled the authority card. That, and other rangers had called their name on the list.

Daniel was visibly relieved when he made it out of the crowd. Sure, he had to trip over someone’s suitcase to get there, but it wasn’t like anyone else was looking. He quickly pulled himself off the ground and brushed off the imaginary dust. He had reached the intersection of the 4-way hallway and the traffic was incredibly thick. He managed to hop over everyone and arrived in front of the director.

“Daniel,” He said immediately, “You’re late.”

“I have an excuse!” Daniel protested.

“Don’t want to hear it.” The director snapped. He pushed a clipboard at Daniel. “Here’s the list of your kids, and their ID’s are on the paper behind it if you can’t find them. Here, take a megaphone.” A large white megaphone was placed on top of Daniel’s choppy black hair.

“Umm…right.” But my mouth isn’t right there, He managed to say while swallowing the other retort. “I’ll go collect my troopers then.”

With a silent nod from the director, Daniel squeezed back into the crowd. He noticed that it was thinning somewhere in the middle, and he recognized Megan’s megaphone-amplified voice a long ways west. She was surrounded by a very interested crowd. He shook his head. Good thing they were already exclusive…

Daniel took the empty bench nearby and hiked up it, shooing away and old woman who wanted it instead. He looked down to his clipboard and turned the megaphone on.

“ALRIGHT.” His voiced boomed over all the heads, making the closest ones wince. “SORRY” He said even louder. He read off the first person on his list. “IRENE CONNOR. I REPEAT. IRENE CONNOR.” Some of the kids around him swapped looks, but none of them stepped up.

Seriously? He thought, Megan has already rounded up two of her kids! Where are mine?

He pulled the trigger again and shouted, “HEY MEGAN! MY KIDS CAN’T HEAR MY VOICE!”

“…DOUBT IT!” She replied. “Jun Kirman!” A hand rose up from the crowd, and soon that hand made its way to her side. The hand actually belonged to a person!

Daniel tried the second person on his list. “GERARD ECKHART. GERARD ECKHART. NOTICE I’M NOT YELLING, AND I DON’T SEDUCE GUYS EITHER, SO GET OVER HERE BIG GUY.” He spotted a tall brunette making his way through the crowd. Gerard’s suitcase had a passenger‚ÄĒa Ralts listening to an iPod only audible to psychic pok√©mon.

Gerard put his hand up to signal that he was here.

“Cool. Pop a squat right there man.” Daniel said, pointing to the area around him. Gerard gave him a funny look that said, ‘Wow, what century are YOU from?’. Daniel was about to call the next name off the list when a hovering ad blocked his face. He clapped his hand over his face. He was beginning to miss it back in Mossdeep where it was too humid for robots to exist.

Don’t forget to turn off your sustenance pack preservers when you’re not at home! GO GREEN! said the ad. It flittered away to go heighten awareness somewhere else.

“JAMES LOPREO,” Daniel started again, aiming his megaphone at the cluster of teenagers in the far left corner. “JAMES FRAKKIN’ LOPREO.”

“Excuse me sir, but that isn’t my middle name.”

A dark brown/black haired preppy-styled teen carrying a thin red laptop and drinking a pouch labeled ‘Thanksgiving Feast for Two‘ emerged from the crowd with a big suitcase and a string of pok√©balls tied to it.

“I know.” Daniel deadpanned. “But it’s been a long morning. Excuse my use of frakk.”

“Actually, frakk isn’t in the dictionary.” James continued, taking a seat on the floor next to Gerard, who looked bored while flipping through pictures of him and some other girl on his high-tech phone. Then James rambled with, “Frakk is a term to replace ‘freak’ or ‘frigg’, which also aren’t real words‚ÄĒ”

“LEXI REDSTONE. LEXI REDSTONE. PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THIS MOTOR GEEK.” Daniel called into his megaphone. James instantly quieted and resumed activity on his laptop, attempting to hide the red splotched across his face.

“No need to be crabby~” Sang a blonde girl coming from behind. She was wearing form-fitting clothes and had red clunky headphones covering her ears, making her look like a robot. She threaded through Gerard and James’ bodies and took a seat on the bench that Daniel was standing on. A Scrafty was following her not far behind, and it seemed that his orange headphones were connected with hers to the same iPod. James was constantly trying to snag glances at her every few seconds. He couldn’t help it‚ÄĒthere were girls here! Girls always seemed to be turned off by his peculiar demeanor. That, and his rambling intelligence.

“Continuing…” Daniel muttered, referring to his clipboard. A typical group of teenagers I have here… “ASHKA STORME!” At this, Gerard’s ducked head instantly flicked up. But the surprised expression quickly fell to a passive one. Daniel repeated, “ASHKA STO‚ÄĒoh. Hey there.”

A girl in cargo pants and tight hoodie impatiently stood in front of him with an expression only Daniel could interpret as “frakked off”. Ashka’s black ponytail whipped as she swerved her head down to the pok√©mon egg in the case under her arm, afraid that the crowd had pilfered it or something. But it was still there safely in her arms, along with the rugged backpack she had that looked like it would split open any second.

“Right…” Daniel muttered as Ashka shamelessly plopped onto the floor next to Gerard and gave him an arm hug (which was not returned). Daniel looked back to his list, marking off all the ones who had arrived.

Ashka, the one who probably knows Gerard from somewhere, check.

Lexi, the one with the matching headphones to her pokémon, check.

James, the annoyingly smart one with the endless amount of sustenance packs, check.

Gerard, the one who isn’t defined by anything yet, yeah, a check.

“IRENE CONNOR,” Daniel said the first name off his list and looked into the crowd that had dropped to a few groups of people and pok√©mon, “Anyone know where Irene is?”

The teens below him shook their heads and said “no”.

“Weird.” Daniel muttered, climbing off the bench. He clipped the megaphone to his shorts and let it hang. He turned to the page behind his list, analyzing each ID card.

Irene’s didn’t exist.

“I have a few missing too.” Megan came over with three teens following her. One Daniel recognized as ‘Jun with the hand that acts like a ship’s beacon’. “We should get to the terminal. The kids can catch up later.”

“Sure.” Daniel agreed, joining her side. In turn, his group of four on the floor gathered their stuff and stood from the floor. He and Megan scanned them and their stuff. She was right. Most of the city kids were hardly prepared to step into what they were stepping into. “Right…” He continued. He waved his finger over the suitcases that Gerard, James, and Lexi had. “You can’t bring those.”

Excuse me?” Lexi voiced first before James could, who had raised his hand to ask for permission to speak. “What exactly can’t we bring?” She protectively clamped her hands over her headphones.

“You can’t bring suitcases into the wild.” Megan answered simply. “They’ll weigh you down. If we get chased by a raging pair Slaking, you’d be the first one to go.”

Lexi withdrew and regrettingly looked down at her suitcase.

“Actually, Slaking are very sluggish in their movements, so the probability of being chased‚ÄĒ”

“James,” Daniel interrupted. “You can’t immerse yourself in the whole experience of traveling if you’re constantly worrying about how the wheels to your suitcase can’t handle it or whatever’s been posted on FaceBook.”

“Two-hours of standing in a crowded airport and I’ve been informed that my luxurious rack-spotting binoculars are not permitted aboard the S.S. traveling experience.” Said one of the guys in Megan’s group, who was typing away on a teeny keyboard on his touch-screen phone.

“…What’s he doing?” Daniel asked Megan.

“Updating his Twitter.” She replied with an urge to roll her eyes. “Ignore Lucas.”

“So then how are we going to carry our stuff?” Lexi asked, headphones now resting around her neck. Her Scrafty was now inside it’s pok√©ball, taking its headphones with it.

“Yeah,” James agreed confidently now that he had female-support. “I have two laptops, three phones, an ancient Pok√©Gear, an iPod, a replacement iPod, and a hunk of pok√©mon translators that I’m determined to beat through friendship.”

“Ooh, can I borrow one? My Scrafty recently broke his.”


“Hate to interrupt the transaction,” Daniel said loudly as James tossed Lexi a collar. “But we need to be past baggage check before the plane takes off.”

Megan returned from wherever she sped off to with a cart filled with a dozen boxes. She tossed each teen a box and returned to Daniel’s side. Almost each and every kid gave the box a strange look, like it’s the first time they’ve actually seen one in person.

“Put everything excessive‚ÄĒlaptops, cell phones, iPods, hologram recorders, and yes, even handheld sustenance pack preservers,” Megan shot a look at James. “And store them in this box. I’ll have the airport lock everything up so it will be returned to you when we return. You can bring Pok√©Gears, Pok√©tches, Pok√©dexs, razors, cameras, pedometers, and yes Lucas, binoculars.”

The guy behind her, still on Twitter, did a fist pump.

“What about Pok√©-Readers?” Lexi asked as she painfully stored her headphones in her box. She held up a tablet with a camera in the middle.

“Oh, those.” Daniel remembered them. They were used frequently in his father’s lab. They read everything about a pok√©mon that a pok√©dex could do, except with more accurate details. “I think we should do a vote. All in favor for the readers?”

Every hand went up.

“So its unanimous. You can’t bring them.” Daniel laughed as everyone groaned and stored their stuff into the boxes.

“You have a knack for torturing children. Are you sure the daycare hired the right person?” Megan teased as everyone continued to store their electronics in the boxes, although many of them were still trying to hide the tinier stuff in their pockets.

Daniel waved her off. He pointed to Gerard and Lucas. “You two, help me carry the backpacks that the director brought.” The two instantly followed like lambs.

“Wait,” James said, raising his hand again. “Don’t you want me to help? I’m a man!”

“Sorry, you don’t have muscles.” Daniel shrugged, not even bothering to turn around and check. Gerard smirked and Lucas laughed and tweeted the quote, although Daniel was quick to snatch the PDA from him.

“He’s right.” James sighed and collapsed onto the bench next to Lexi. “I have no muscles. I make up for that in brains.” He gave a proud smile when he said it. Lexi patted his back supportively.

“Is it alright if I just go ahead? I don’t have a suitcase.” Said Ashka, who hadn’t spoken at all since she’s been here. Everyone turned their heads in surprise at the new voice. She instantly blushed at all the stares, but her sheepish grin quickly flashed to a steady frown like it had been before.

“Maybe you should ask Daniel. He’s your group leader.” Megan admitted, wishing she could help. Ashka shrugged and took a seat on the bench perpendicular to Lexi and James’.

Daniel led the two gentlemen to the director, who had pointed them to a locked closet nearby. After unlocking and ransacking the remaining bags, the three guys made their way back to the group.

Gerard glanced at the Styler clipped to Daniel’s belt, next to Pita’s pok√©ball. “Mr. Daniel,” He started, surprising Daniel by talking for the first time. “You’re a pok√©mon ranger?”

“It’s pretty obvious.” Daniel shrugged.

“I’m in the Ranger rank in school.” Gerard continued. “I want to get into a good college, and I could really use the experience if I brought my Styler too.”

Daniel’s eyebrows rose higher than intended. “You have one too?”

“Sure.” Gerard shrugged like it was nothing. “You can buy them anywhere.”

“…Well then.” Daniel made it sound like an offense, but it really wasn’t. In fact, he liked the idea of students actually taking initiative and practicing their occupation out of school. It seemed as natural as Trainers battling or Breeders brushing their pok√©mon, but it still seemed odd to him that anyone would hand a real-working styler in the hands of a rookie.

Daniel and the guys distributed the bags to all the teens with suitcases, which was pretty much everyone but Ashka. Everyone seemed to struggle to stuff all their clothes and blankets and other things into the hiking packs‚ÄĒeach of which had its own sleeping bag rolled up at the top. When James had managed to bloat his bag with everything, he ended up falling over from the weight.

Daniel and Megan swapped glances.

“It’s going to be a long summer…” He sighed.

“But‚ÄĒbut it’s my baby!”

James. Let it go.”

After semi-successfully moving everyone’s suitcase contents into the large square hiking packs, Daniel and Megan led their semi-complete groups into the security point. Ashka took the liberty to go through first, followed by Gerard and a fidgety Lexi, who rubbed her lonely ears consciously. It was currently James’s turn through the archway, and when his pack was fed into the scanner, Daniel was told that there was a generation 12 iPad in there. So now, both he and Daniel were wrestling for it like tug-of-war.

“FRACUS ALERT. FRACUS ALERT.” A floating cube flew into the room with a red cop-like strobe light on its top. Two skinny metal arms unraveled from the cube’s side and jabbed into Daniel and James’ side, electrocuting both. The iPad flew into the air as the two collapsed on the ground.

“MY BABY!” James managed to gasp. The floating security robot’s face-screen went from angry-emote to happy-emote.

“HAVE A NICE NIMBASA DAY.” The robot said as it flew away.

“It’s still alive.” Lexi said, holding up James’s iPad. James gasped in glee and tried to get up, but the gentle shock from before still lingered.

“No, Lexi, toss it to Megan! She’ll put it with the boxes!” Daniel protested from the ground, still paralyzed. Right now he could only feel his toes.

Lexi panicked. Everyone was looking at her, judging her to do the right thing. Megan’s hands were held up high, ready to catch even a football. But it was James’s baby! Couldn’t he bring one luxury? But Daniel said no. You can’t go against your superiors. And the iPad was on Angry Birds beta version 500.89, level 1‚ÄĒwhy hadn’t James beaten this level yet!

“Oh for God’s sake…” Ashka plucked the device from Lexi’s hands and crossed the path to Megan and gave her the iPad. Then she returned to her spot next to Gerard. James grumbled as he got off the floor and Daniel managed to get on his feet without falling again. Adorable robots sure can pack an electric punch.

“Alright, let’s keep moving people.” Daniel said, waiting for Megan’s group to go through the scanners. Lucas went first, but not before tweeting his location on his Pok√©Gear. “I said no cell phones with internet!” Daniel snapped as it went through the scanning tunnel. Lucas was green-lighted and continued walking, meeting up with his Pok√©Gear at the end of the conveyor belt.

“Look. I think we all agree that I tweet my thoughts about the girls’ bodies rather than voicing them, right?” Lucas replied carelessly, retrieving his Pok√©Gear. Daniel gawked at him.

“I kind of agree with that.” Ashka muttered.

“Is that what he’s been tweeting?” Lexi gasped, consciously looking over her formfitting travel-wear.

“Follow me at Lucas Taylor the Dark Side!” Lucas whooped as he claimed his backpack and joined the others. Others rolled their eyes.

After the remaining two of Megan’s group, Jun and Serena, were past security, the crowd they formed headed towards their terminal.

“Wait! Wait for me!” A girl’s voice stopped them dead in their tracks. Daniel waved for his group to follow Megan as the girl put her suitcase in through the conveyor belt.

“Is your name Irene?” Daniel asked, reading off the last name on the one-check-waiting-to-be-finished list. The girl nodded her head frantically, her peacock-blue hair bobbing along. “You’re late.”

“I’m sorry! I got…caught up.”

He rose an eyebrow to her cautious, panicked look. It was like she thought he had figured everything about her out. Truth was, the only thing he knew about her was that she was excruciatingly late.

“You know what…it doesn’t matter. Take this bag and put all your stuff in it. Leave behind all your electronics except the essentials‚ÄĒthat does not include iPods and automatic toe clippers.” He shot her a look as he tossed her the last hiking pack, and she withered under it. She looked like she was handling this ‘one with nature’ lifestyle much more terribly than the others did.

“But…I need my heated pillow, and the ‘sounds of the forest’ track on my iPod, and my shoes that don’t wear out over long running, and my‚ÄĒ”

Daniel shook his head and crossed his arms. “It’s been a long morning, Irene. Either you leave the electronics, or the journey.”

Irene gave a long winded sigh and relinquished all her gadgets over to Daniel, who was surprised by the enormity of all of them. He had to lift his arms high to avoid tripping over wires.

“Baby steps,” He whispered to himself, although he was pointing this at Irene too. “We all need to take a big breath and…baby steps.”


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